I have wanted to create a blog for 8 years. 8 years !


I used to think I was not legitimate, then I thought I had no time for this, and finally, I found good excuses like “now there are plenty of blogs, blah blah blah …”

But my career is rather singular, just like my skills, and because we are all unique, I must have some contribution to make too.


So here I am, Caroline, a French woman born near Paris, and I moved to the foothills of the Alps in 2010. I first came across Michigan in 2017 and have since fallen in love with it.


After graduating from a business school, I initially worked for ten years in medium and small businesses. But I have never found my place nor my happiness in an office. Then I graduated from a pastry chef school, I’ve learned vegan nutrition, and today I am interested in human science, ecology, animal wellness, and writing. Everything is linked, with one and only purpose, that I will deliver to you little by little with the benevolent mindset and good humor that characterize me.


So hello to you, and welcome to this blog!


PS: I suppose you understand that the blog will be bilingual. Some of the articles will be in French, but some of them will be translated into English for the pals from across the Atlantic. The recipes will always be in both languages, and there will be some videos with my French accent, so you can have a blast watching them lol.


I apologize in advance for the mistakes, but I promise you that I will do my best to improve my English!





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