The Chill by Caro blog was born in 2017.

My name is Caro, and you’re on a lifestyle and rock n’roll blog. 🎸


Who am I? I first graduated in business school (youth mistake), then in cooking, philosophy, music (singing), and naturopathy. Clearly, “good luck” if you try to put me in a social box! In short, I’m curious and always in the need to learn something.



Traveling between Haute-Savoie (France), Switzerland and Michigan, I take you on a journey to the land of Uncle Sam (or Uncle Ben’s, it’s as you prefer) and some other places in Europe. As you can see, we make not funny dad jokes, and bad puns here; but we also talk about philosophy, music, well-being, food, recipes, and a bit of beauty/makeup — because you can have a brain while enjoying taking care of yourself. Yes, it’s possible: Mens sana in corpore sano, it’s part of the punk – sorry, the pack!


I’ll let you click here for a detailed description, or directly on the different sections above to familiarize yourself.




So, welcome to this blog, and see you on Fridays! 🤘









PS: The blog will be in French and English, and there will be some videos with my French accent, so you can have a blast watching them lol. I apologize in advance for the mistakes, but I promise you that I will do my best to improve my English!




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