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What will you find on this blog according to the different categories? Well, a lot of topics :






“Eat”. I will offer you my philosophy on diet. We will talk about the various questions on diet in general, and anti-inflammatory diet in particular. We will of course talk about cooking, make recipes of meals, juices, smoothies and co. We will discuss the benefits of particular types of foods, the necessity of such or such a vitamin or nutrient and how to find it or use it in everyday life, and we will talk about weight loss because here again I have a very personal experience on this subject, and there will be pictures to prove all this .. ooh la la!



“Well being”. We’ll motivate ourselves, find positive energy because life is wonderful. We just have to know the keys to open our eyes, enjoy, and smile every day.
We are going to talk about tricks to have better sleep, to be at peace with yourself and others, and stop suffering mentally. We will talk sport, and especially sport and injury because I have a past on the subject that may be useful to some of you, and we’ll talk about good products to take care of our body in the respect of this one and the environment, but also deal with subjects such as motivation and I will tell you what I think. You will be surprised!
So it will be a philosophy/love/smile and rock n’roll category, as always!



“Reading”. You will find reading tips for this or that occasion, time of year, as well as some lifestyle or non-lifestyle books that caught my attention. A watchword: make you love reading.



“Travel”. To make you discover life in the USA, France, and Switzerland, the different nice places I have visited, give you ideas for visits, and my tips to make your suitcase in an effective way, to manage the jet lag, to avoid gastric troubles or a cold, how to help your skin and your body in general on very long flights, What to eat and do during the flight…



“Parenthesis”. Four categories in this section. We will find some beauty articles, because it’s possible to know how to think and take care of yourself; sound articles, where I will humbly try to make you discover my musical universe, a new decoration section where I tell you about my love for old things and design objects and finally mood posts, because like every human being my mind can sometimes sail across the waves and take an interest in subjects more extensive than those presented – we will mainly talk about philosophy … but not only.





Here is a non-exhaustive summary, again welcome to you, good discovery, and see you on Fridays!


Caro 🤘



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