Celery root party.









Hello, young Padawan



Today, we will make a recipe with celery root juice. No, it’s not a joke.


So, I can already hear you cursing: “I would never drink that thing,” “Are you kidding me?”, “but how can you drink something like that?”. I know the song well; I even sang it before my very first sip.


And then, when you taste this juice, it’s a revelation. The celery root does not take over at all in this association. We first sense a divine, creamy pear, then the vanilla, and last, a hint of pepper and heat, revealing the strength of the celery root.


So, are you tempted? Let’s go.





IMG 8175 scaled - Celery root party.





The celery root.

The one that should be the king of farmers’ markets but is only bought by two or three new-age grandmas or grandpas is an excellent source of potassium. It’s also a source of vitamin C and most B vitamins, which is excellent for your nervous system, energy metabolism, cell renewal, and healthy fetal development, if you’re concerned.


Molybdenum, selenium, and chromium are the essential trace minerals that celery root offers and they are rare to find, making it an almost superfood!


Finally, it has exceptional anti-aging properties when eaten raw, as we will do in this recipe, but grandpa or grandma will also have them by eating them raw in a remoulade celery root. Indeed, it is rich in antioxidants, including beta carotene, lutein, and flavonoids; it protects the body against free radicals that damage the body’s cells.


There is no need to look for Japanese nuts, Brazilian seaweed, or the other way around; in short, the super rare product on the other side of the planet. A good celery root is a party for your body, which will be nourished with vitamins, trace elements, and antioxidants like never before!





IMG 8178 - Celery root party.





The magic celery root juice.

half an organic celery root

One nice ripe organic pear of your choice (here, I took a “crassane” variety, ed)

One pinch of vanilla powder or 1/4 vanilla pod


Device required: A juice extractor. They make very good ones and are cheaper now — it’s worth it, more than ever, to invest in your health.






Wash the celery root in clean water using a veggie brush or a toothbrush to remove any soil residue between the gaps. Wash the pear.


Cut the celery root into small cubes using a sharp knife and a cutting board. Do the same with the pear without peeling it, and remove the seeds.


In the extractor running, place two handfuls of diced celery root, the pinch of vanilla, a handful of diced pear, then the rest of the celery root and the rest of the pears.


Pour the juice thus obtained into your prettiest glass, and enjoy without delay.






That’s it for this week’s lovely recipe: an energizing juice, a bomb of nutrients for your body that is slowly preparing for spring; you’ll be at your best!



Have a lovely weekend, and see you next Friday!


XO 🍐







IMG 8171 2 scaled - Celery root party.

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