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Here is my chili con tofu recipe or chili sin carne, you choose, a lot of inspiration in here… lol.


Please note this recipe requires a specific tool: A steamer, a slow steamer, a steamer basket to put on a pan, or any other such thing, you will have understood the principle …
Of course, if you only have a pressure cooker you can make the recipe, but leaving the steam cap open so that there is not too much pressure.
The goal is to keep as many nutrients as possible … you see? I think you do.


This is a healthy version of chili and I’m not talking about animal protein or not, or added fat or not, but on the cooking process. And especially the cooking time … those who are not used to it will find it curious by testing the recipe, then when they will taste and especially see the beneficial effect on their body they will go back on it. And there are some hidden effects: the gentle steam not only keeps a maximum of vitamins but also with regard to the beans, the fact of cooking them “al dente” with gentle steam allows the body to absorb as much iron as possible, and they are way more digestible.





Chili sin carne ( … or con tofu, you choose your team! )

For about 3 servings.


3/4 cup of kidney beans that have been soaked the day before in cold water
3/4 cup of whole Thai rice
1/4 cup of peas
3 tbsp. tablespoon of olive oil
1 block of smoked tofu (if you don’t like tofu you can use seitan, preferably smoked)
2 carrots
3 tomatoes
1 canned chopped tomatoes
4 shallots
A few leaves of fresh basil
Chili spices
Salt, pepper
A piece of nice green salad of your choice, and the seasoning of your choice.
Optional: Grated vegan cheddar and/or a handful of sprouted seeds of your choice. Here I would choose arugula, without ordering you of course …






First of all, remember to soak the beans at least 8 hours, the night before cooking …


Fill the steamer 1/3 with water (it is necessary to have a lot of “steam” in it …) and bring it to the boil.
Arrange the beans in the basket, and put it in the steamer once it boils very hard—Cook 5-7 min max over high heat. Be careful to control your cooking; the beans must remain crunchy/al dente.

Note: The kidney beans should remain crunchy/al dente. At first, we are not used to it but this is how they should be eaten in order to avoid the production of phytates, to facilitate the digestion and absorption of iron in your body. If they are soft, it means you eat sugar and phytates, and then you float in the pool because of too much gas in your intestines. If you asked why you can’t swim underwater … here is the reason why (2nd-degree swimmer joke here, come on, squeeze my fin).


During this time, fill a saucepan with water and while the water boils, soak the rice in cold water to rinse it and strain it a few times, and cook it for about 15 min (or the time which is noted on your pack but remember to taste from of 10 min of cooking so as not to miss the right texture). Al dente, we said.


Once the beans have been taken out of the steamer and set aside, empty the cooking water, add the same dose of clean water and it’s the turn of the peas, cooking for 5 minutes on medium heat. They must remain firm and very flashy green, yes that’s it: “al dente”, lol.


In a pan, brown the finely chopped shallots for 5 minutes with half of the olive oil on medium heat, set aside in a small bowl. Use the same hot pan, brown the diced tofu for 2 to 3 minutes in the rest of the olive oil on medium heat too. Once the small diced tofu is golden, put back the shallots, add the carrots cut into mini dice, the fresh tomatoes cut into small dice, cook for 5 min covered over medium heat.


Add the crushed tomatoes and their juice from the can, some finely chopped basil (three to four leaves will do), chili spices, salt, and pepper. Cook for 5 min on medium heat. Turn off the heat and add the cooked items, namely the beans and peas (except the rice which must be kept aside).






In a deep plate, arrange a few spoons of rice, and put the chili on top. Add one or two fresh basil leaves as well as the optional elements if desired (vegan cheddar and/or sprouted seeds of your choice).

In a small bowl next to it, arrange two nice handfuls of green salad, and the seasoning of your choice. Don’t forget your sombrero.





Bon appetit 🌶



IMG 3830 - Chili sin carne

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