End of the trip, spleen is coming.











Hello, young Padawan



Is it the last day of your trip? I understand. You come home a bit sad like E.T with his little bike? So please don’t keep it to yourself.


First, talk about it. To the doorman of your hotel or to the waiter in “your last restaurant”, tell them that it’s your last day here, that you’re sad to leave because you had a crush at first sight for this place, for these cool people, for this magnificent weather or whatever, share with others.


They will first be flattered that you like them, their country, and their landscapes so much. And then they will comfort you because who hasn’t already been in this situation of leaving a place we love out of obligation?

We all know it, this feeling that takes to the guts. It started at three years old when you didn’t want to leave the sandbox in which you had made the most beautiful art – and I’m not talking about your poop, little rascal – but of this inform thing you called a “Castle.” Ah, this frustration of abandoning your work (I’m still talking about the sandcastle, ed) with the almost certainty that tomorrow, your masterpiece will be nothing but dust.


And we are no less sad now we are grown-ups. We don’t want to leave our Waikiki Beach, a giant sandbox for mature and serious people, that we are, lol. We didn’t build a sandcastle, but we were the kings of the world there; we were so happy; it was beautiful.




But you know what? It’s not over.

Firstly, if you loved this moment, you know you will return to it. You’ll save the pennies of your hard-earned salary from your grown-up life to return and have fun in the sandbox again.


Secondly, you have all your memories, photos, and so many anecdotes to tell your loved ones, and it will be wonderful to share this experience, the fantastic emotions you felt, and all the things you were able to do there, or almost. Avoid, for example, telling your boss about your rum binge, where you ended up with your underwear on top of your head. Save that for your friends instead.


So, you see, dry your tears; the best is yet to come. You still have so many things on your bucket list, trips, activities, and meetings to do.



And keep in mind that: “The end of a journey is always the beginning of an adventure.”
Karim Berrouka.
XO 🧳




P1000707 - End of the trip, spleen is coming.Calvi, Corse, France.

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