This is to motivate the sun (and us too !)





“Joy is the sun of souls; it illuminates the one who possesses it and warms all those who receive its rays”.

Carl Reysz.








Hello, young Padawan



It’s time to do the sun dance, send it our best wishes, and choose the best SPF protection to motivate the sun a little.


And it will be good for us to think about vacations, lunches on the terrace, and everything that the end of spring is supposed to bring!


Let’s go. 🌵 





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SPFs for dry to combination skin

Speaking from personal experience,I was amazed by the sun protection from Pierre Ricaud. It’s completely transparent, as light as a day cream, and provides effective protection with its index 50. The best part is, you don’t even feel it on your skin, and you can apply makeup on top without any worries. It’s truly a great product!


The Unseen Sunscreen from Supergoop! is good, but I feel it a little more on the skin. Afterwards, it’s personal, and maybe you won’t have the same feeling. Putting makeup on top is no problem; it’s completely transparent, too, and provides solid protection with its index 4.





IMG 8877 scaled - This is to motivate the sun (and us too !)





SPFs for combination to oily skin

In pharmacies, the one from La Roche Posay has a matte effect that lasts several hours. It is one of the most effective on the market and is good value for money. The white effect fades after only a few tens of minutes, but I prefer to apply a touch of CC cream on top, like Madara’s, because I nevertheless find that it leaves a slightly “grey-white” effect despite everything. But this sun protection is really effective, and it’s the one I trust when I’m going to be a little more exposed than usual.


Ole Henriksen’s formula is the one I use around my cycle when I may have some imperfections. It contains zinc and helps not to aggravate the situation. It also has a white filter, which fades completely after a few minutes. You can put on makeup afterward without any worries.





IMG 8878 scaled - This is to motivate the sun (and us too !)





The little SPF extras that make all the difference

These two are absolute must-haves. They are always in my bag.


Lipstick is needed to protect this extra-sensitive area. This one has neither an odor nor an off-putting taste and does not leave a white film, like when people go skiing in the ’80s, so it is validated. It is in the pharmacy.


This stick from Caudalie is my favorite one. It’s the one with which I protect my most fragile tattoos and scars, the one I do touch-ups on my cheekbones or the bridge of my nose, for example, when I feel that my previous layer of sun protection is starting to wear out. It is effective, almost odorless (it smells like vegetable oil at most), transparent, does not shine any more than it should, is small (15 g), so it is easy to slip into a bag; in short, no more excuses, we always have it with us. And it is suitable for almost the whole family since it can be used from three years old. It’s also the one I apply on the top of my hands when I drive to prevent the appearance of dark spots. It can also be found in pharmacies or drugstores.








If this nice little selection doesn’t bring lasting sunshine above your house, I don’t know what to do, lol.


In addition to the anti-aging side of the skin, we must remember that sun protection is also a health issue, especially if you have sensitive skin with moles, very pale, but not only that. Skin cancer clients may also have black skin, so whoever you are, take care of yourself, and your skin.


All that remains is for me to wish you a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you next Friday.


XO ☀️







IMG 8879 scaled - This is to motivate the sun (and us too !)

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