Let’s warm up until spring arrives, for real.








Hello, young Padawan



If you’re one of the padawans who has yet to wear shorts or skirts, or put aside the puffy jacket or umbrella, know you’re not alone. You should even know that I have started making soups again here in the last 15 days. Yes, I did.




Afterward, I’m not going to lie to you. I like the cold, I like being wrapped up in good cashmere, I love beanies, and my favorite season is snow. However, I can see my colleagues and friends being fed up with this spring that is not coming, this rain that does not want to let us go, and this cold wind that tends to make our throats fragile.




Never mind, let’s make a starter of spring that doesn’t arrive, a fluid soup that is easy to digest but warms up as much as possible without holding on to the stomach. You can continue with (your fondue, your raclette) your spring dish as you wish, but at least your body will have returned to a normal temperature, and, on May 17, that’s not a luxury!





IMG 8797 - Let's warm up until spring arrives, for real.





The warming end of spring soup, perfect for a rainy day, or a gray day.

For two servings


2 zucchini

50 cl of water

1/2 vegetable stock cube or 1 tsp. vegetable stock powder

2 tsp of granulated garlic

1 tsp powdered coriander

4 nice sprigs of parsley

Salt (to check at the end of cooking, because vegetable stocks are generally salty), Madagascar pepper





In a saucepan (or soup maker), add the zucchini, which has been cut into thin slices, water, and the spices, namely garlic, coriander, vegetable stock, and pepper.




First, bring the zucchini mixture to a boil. Then, reduce the heat to medium and cover the pan. Let it cook for 10 minutes, stirring twice to ensure all the zucchini slices are immersed in the water. If you’re using a soup maker, simply run the program at 100°C for 10 minutes.




Finely slice the parsley while the zucchini cooks, keeping two small stems for decoration. Set aside.




The zucchini should be “almost” soft, that is, a little more cooked than al dente. Once cooked, add the finely chopped parsley to the zucchini.




Using a blender, reduce everything into a smooth soup. If you have a soup maker, you just have to press “grind.” Lucky you. Taste and add salt if necessary. Keep warm. This warming end-of-spring soup is perfect for a rainy or gray day.





IMG 8799 - Let's warm up until spring arrives, for real.






In your prettiest bowls, pour the soup without waiting, with love, glory, and beauty, and place a lovely sprig of parsley in the center as a final touch.




You can light a candle on the table to bring an extra touch of warmth and a good mood to this gray world. If you have a fireplace, it will be even better!








You are warmed up and invigorated; all that remains is for me to wish you a good appetite for the rest of your meal, and I will see you next Friday for new adventures.




XO 🕯️






IMG 8794 - Let's warm up until spring arrives, for real.

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