To take care of your health, for good.






“There is no one born under an unfortunate star. There are only people who cannot read the sky.”
Dalai Lama.






Hello, Young Padawan


Before continuing our series on fruits and vegetables by color, we will discuss two topics that are important to me, one today and one next week.


But everything comes together, as always. You’ll see, it’s magic, lol. Here is the first one:




Why do you want to be in good health?

To accomplish this or that challenge? To travel and explore the world? To see your children or grandchildren grow up? To have a good time with your cat? To attend many concerts of your favorite bands? To have the happiness of paying your taxes? To not miss the last season of GOT? (Am I the only one not to have seen a single episode? Yes, I know, shame on me, Ed.)


Because if you do not determine the “why” that will make you progress in your life, you will not hold your commitments. In other words, if you do not know the destination, you will turn around (Chillbycaro, March 15, 2019, in a GPS mode). This is what makes the human reaches its goals, but I want to go a little further today for you behind your screen, you will recognize yourself if you need it …


If you feel a little sad, if you do not know where you are going in your life, or why to get up every morning, maybe your “why” is missing. Health is not only a question of good habits; it is also a matter of mood. And to be happy, you need to have an answer to your inner “why?”


The real purpose of life is not meant to be grandiose, you know. Who told you that you had to be Beyoncé and fill the stadiums? In the end, is she really happy with her life?

In our society of meritocracy, we have been taught to want to touch great destinies and accomplish great things. However, I have known enough human beings to the so-called great destinies in my life to find that happiness is not here. They get lost in the “too much”, the euphoria often leaves room for anxiety and despair.


The purpose of life is not there. And your reason why to get up in the morning, to smile at the fucking raising sun, to decide to make moves, to make every effort to stay or get yourself healthy is in you, and it’s up to you to discover it. And if your “why” seems ridiculous compared to Beyoncé’s, know that maybe, in secret, she envy you. So find your “why” and be proud of it, for god’s sake.




Find the motivation to set up sustainable solutions.

It is important to find motivation because it is not always a blast to take care of yourself every day. Let me do a little musical parallel: you love the piano, and you want to know how to play, you buy a keyboard, and then you realize that … wait, I skip a line …


It’s work and commitment.


Oh gosh, we had not heard such a sentence for at least three generations (to my utter dismay!). Yes, learning the piano is patience, work, commitment, rehearsals, it’s not funny, you can even say: it’s boring as hell, especially in a world like today where we have everything and effortlessly. It is becoming increasingly difficult to tolerate things that are not easy. Except that in life, the real one, it is never the case.


And to take care of your health, it’s just like taking life on the bright side: you have to be armed. I’m reassuring you, we’re not going to talk about bazooka or 12 gauge shotgun here. But remember that there’s a lot of boring stuff in life and that the path is not intended to be 100% entertaining all the time, even if Instagram makes you believe it. You have to take responsibility, make choices and commit to them if you want to have results.


And precisely, with your little or big “why” clamped to the body, you will climb mountains.




Take its responsibilities

Before 1950, our forefathers ate 100% organic, local and seasonal. Real hipsters guys. And despite the progress of modern medicine, they were healthier than us at the same age.

“But blah blah we die older, than before,” yes you’re right: we agonize longer than before (#sarcasm) and we are also sick earlier than before. So I come back to my statement.

Genetics of yesterday and today would only be an insignificant part of the deal. So, what?


At that time, in addition to the healthier food (and least pollution, of course, ed), they traveled by bike or on foot, rarely by car. By the way, I write this here, in case the consciences read me: at that time the budget devoted to the food represented between 1/3 and ½ of the budget of the household, according to their wallet. So, do not be surprised to eat shit nowadays. You think that to eat organic or local is expensive in 2019? Be happy not to be born in 1910.


If with this article you understand that industrialization has not made you gain buying power but instead makes you consume shit while fattening the wallet of those who sell it to you, I won my day. I’ll have a beer — an organic one.


Today the greatest nutrition experts, the most advanced scientists invite us to backtrack urgently. Coincidence? Of course not. Do you see what I mean? What once was natural becomes a commitment today.


If you want to maintain or regain your health, you have to move your ass. Literally and figuratively. Ordinarily living is no longer enough. In the ’50s, an apple was nutritious, today, to have the same micronutrients it would be necessary (to be able) to consume a hundred apples. Enjoy your meal.


How would you like your health to be in six months? In three years? In five years? You have to make decisions today for your “me of the future.” Being healthy is not difficult, recover it either (we understand each other, of course. This blog is unpretentiously for people with more than two neurons, and I know you’re part of it, ed). A healthy state is just a question of making decisions and being strong facing what our lobotomizing society is proposing. Alienating? I’m still hesitating on the adjective. (I haven’t watched a single episode of Walking Dead either, I know, once again: shame on me. And I don’t have Netflix! And now you’re having a stroke because of me, the height of ridiculousness for a health article! ed.)




to move forward, for you, for tomorrow

Working hard in our bad habits to adopt new ones, which will serve us rather than harm our health is not easy, but it is what we must do if we want to put all the chances on our side.


Getting out of our comfort zone, learning new things to wake up our brain that just wait to be stimulated, cutting off all screens from 9pm to find a good quality sleep, saying “no” to fries today because we know that our body needs veggies after the cake we had the day before, going out for a walk even if it’s raining, getting off a bus stop before destination or park as far as possible (while it’s still raining !!!), avoiding sun overexposure (in Michigan it’s pretty easy! lol), avoiding stressful situations when they can be avoided, do not put your head in the microwave (it’s to see if you still here) … here are some examples, but in the end, we all know why this symptom or that one appears: we have taken bad habits, outside of what we are fundamentally made for, and that’s our responsibility.


Beware, I did not write “guilt”, which is the twin brother of the “waste of time.”


And it is also logically our responsibility to get out of this situation. It’s done, but now that we know, we act. Taking care of ourselves is our duty, not a luxury. Investing in our health is priceless, because without it: no more hobbies, no more travel, no more friends, no more life. Health is far too precious to put it in the background.




Revolutionize your life with small changes

Indeed, but without turning hysterical, because the stress is counterproductive.


Let me tell you a little story: There are two guys, two friends, walking on the beach. They are tourists, so they are not aware that there is quicksand there, and of course, after a few minutes walking they are both buried in the sand, to their knees. The first realizes that he is entangled and panics, he has no clear mind anymore, he moves in all directions and finds himself buried to the waist. The second friend makes the same observation but tries to remove just one leg before taking away the second. Of course, the story ends well since the friend number two will help the first to get out of trouble.


Today, between pollution, our industrial food, our sedentary lifestyle, our lack of interest in culture and our stress, we have both feet buried to the knees. However, it is not a question of revolutionizing our entirely daily life because we will not keep the distance (or you will have no social life anymore, ed). Let’s play like the guy number two, one leg after another, back to basics.








Of course, I must remind you, once again in this article, what the Homo Sapiens Sapiens is made for: running naked in the woods!


Yes, it’s my little nudist side, shopping at Target in Eve’s suit, the wallet stuck where you think, but not forgetting the reusable bag anyway! Naked, but ecological!


Our “why” brings us the motivation that serves us as a beginning; the habit makes us continue. It’s your “why” that makes you undertake, and incidentally succeed in your life.


Exceed our habits to be closest to our intrinsic nature, where is the happiness of living. It only takes us a few weeks to get out of this slackness and regain our freedom. Yes, coming out of the matrix is freedom. It worth it. You worth it.


And you, what will you change in your daily life to make a gift to your body? To your health?




IMG 4411 - To take care of your health, for good.

St Raphaël, Côte d’Azur, France.

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