When it’s the oven that works for you, it’s even better.







Hello, young Padawan



Today, we will make a very lovely little winter recipe for those in a hurry or those new to cooking. A recipe that only requires five minutes of preparation watch in hand, and then the oven takes care of all the additional magic.


It’s time for a crazy winter treat.





IMG 7557 scaled - When it's the oven that works for you, it's even better.





Baked vegetables, Chill style.

For 4-6 servings


2 carrots

2 parsnips

4-6 potatoes, depending on whether they are medium or large

A small piece of the squash of your choice, here I chose pumpkin

2 turnips

1 head of garlic

4 nice sprigs of thyme

4 tablespoons of olive oil

Salt, Madagascar pepper.






Preheat the oven to 374 °F


Wash the vegetables carefully and peel them.

Cut the carrots and parsnips into large slices, and cut the potatoes, turnips, and squash into pieces equivalent to the carrot and parsnip slices. Place all the vegetables in a large salad bowl, add salt, pepper, and olive oil, and stir everything well so that each piece is coated with oil and seasoned.


In a large baking dish, pour the vegetables, place the whole head of garlic in a corner of the dish, surrounded by the vegetables, and immerse the thyme sprigs so that they are well covered with the vegetables. Add 1/2 of a small glass of water (about 2/3 cup), then bake for around 40 minutes. Check the cooking with a knife into the carrots and turnips, adding a few minutes if necessary.


When the vegetables are cooked, remove the head of garlic and let the vegetable dish cool for a few minutes. When you can touch the head of garlic without burning yourself, peel each clove, put them together in a bowl and reduce them to a cream by pressing with a fork. Normally, they are already almost pureed, unless your garlic is very young, so you will need a few extra strokes with a fork. Add a slight drizzle of olive oil, salt, and pepper and stir well again. Remove the thyme sprigs from the dish, always without burning yourself, then pour this garlic cream over the vegetables and stir gently to not damage them.





Place a few spoons of these sumptuous baked vegetables in your prettiest soup plates. These are sufficient on their own but can also be accompanied by meat, fish, or tofu of your choice. I recommend roast chicken, a grilled piece of beef, grilled trout, or smoked tofu for this recipe. A protein with character, therefore.


As for the wine, a good tannic red, but not too much, like a good Bordeaux wine, will seduce your taste buds while highlighting this dish rich in flavors.




I wish you a lovely weekend and a good appetite and see you next Friday.



XO 🥕





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