A chef’s dessert, in five minutes.







Hello, young Padawan


The weather is fine, the birds are singing, March’s full moon and the time change have passed … make way for spring fruits. Yes, it has been so hot in recent weeks that the strawberries are already there, delicious and ripe. It would be a shame not to enjoy them.


Today, we will cook a cute dessert so nice that everyone will regain their high spirits back, and think that you spent a lot of time in the kitchen, while – the icing on the cupcake: It will only take you five minutes to make it, decoration included, dishes included.






To fill up on antioxidants, basil is your best friend, of course, but it is also the great friend of your digestion thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and rebalancing properties of the intestinal flora. And I’m not even telling you about its calcium level (273 mg per 100 g) or its iron level (5.24 mg per 100 g), which really makes basil a superfood.


It even appears to be used in some tribes to ease the pain of scorpion stings; I guess you won’t mind if I don’t do a double-blind, randomized test to verify this point, lol.


So you’re going to tell me: “yes, but we don’t use a lot of it in this dessert, blah blah,” absolutely. Besides, if you want to eat plenty of basil, make yourself a homemade pesto or even a good dish of pasta, olive oil, salt, pepper, and a ton of chopped basil on top (I don’t want to see the pasta anymore !) You will see that it is excellent and that you will cook it again regularly. You’re welcome.


And if you want to know a little more about the properties of strawberries, I refer you here.




Strawberry soup

For two servings

9 oz organic strawberries of your choice (plus 2 or 4 strawberries for decoration)
1 tsp honey
2 tsp lemon juice
4 basil leaves
6 mint leaves (including 2 small ones for decoration)






In a blender or mini chopper, place the 9 oz of washed and hulled strawberries, the honey teaspoon, the lemon teaspoons, the basil leaves, and 2/3 of the mint leaves (i.e., four leaves, if you remember your old maths lessons, ed).


Start the blender and stop it when the preparation is smooth. Set aside.






In your prettiest ramekins, pour two equivalent portions of this delicious strawberry soup – so as not to make people jealous.


Cut the strawberry or strawberries you reserved per ramekin, as desired. I just cut a strawberry in the picture to fit on the edge of the ramekin, but you can also cut them in half lengthwise and present them on one side, directly flat on the strawberry soup.


Add the mint leaf in the center, or near the strawberries, for the final touch.


If you want to make this dessert a completely decadent end of a meal, but after all, we only have one life: a “palet Breton” – sablé biscuit (cookie like) or a cinnamon biscuit will go wonderfully with this dish for the gourmet touch. You can even crumble it on top of your strawberry soup, as long as you enjoy it immediately.


To transform this dessert into a snack, simply add a handful of oilseed of your choice, for my part, I would recommend a handful of Piedmont hazelnuts.





Here it is for this modest recipe, but if I can give you one last little advice: plan some more, because the greedy ones will want a second ramekin.




XO 🍓




IMG 9929 scaled - A chef's dessert, in five minutes.

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