After hand care, time for color, which lasts, and lasts!




“Life is too short to wait for your polish to dry.”

Popular common sense, very timely.







Hello, young Padawan



Now that we’ve taken care of our hands with this article, all we have to do is add a little color to our nails to celebrate the arrival of spring!


Traditional nail polish takes a long time to dry and is fragile, and semi-permanent lasts a long time and does not flake but damages the nails, especially if they are sensitive. I think I have found a happy medium because, for several months, I have been testing a form of semi-permanent whose formulas are more natural and which you can do at home, as long as you invest in a small UV lamp ( budget 10-20 balls, and around 25 for a lamp that allows you to use both hands at once, a great time saver).


Do you want beautifully colored nails that will not flake after three days, like classic nail polish, but without damaging them more than necessary? These are Manucurist green flash.





How to use it?

On a clean, degreased nail (with a little nail polish remover), a base, two coats of color, a top coat, and off you go for a week to ten days of peace and happiness! It’s like with a classic nail polish, with one difference: instead of waiting for each layer to dry before applying another one, you place your hands for a few seconds under a UV lamp, which will make the polish crystallize, and move on to the next layer.



Note: Concerning the use of UV lamps, it will, of course, be without forgetting to wear a pair of mittens if you do not want to end up with sun (or old age) spots on your hands — so prettily named “cemetery flowers ” by French dermatologists. No, it’s not a joke. Indeed, placing your hands in UV lamps is like exposing them to the sun. A pair of mittens then, so the flowers and cemeteries will stay in their place, and your hands as immaculate as those of the Mona Lisa.





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My favorite color is this pretty dark green, almost black, glittery color called Poison, like the Alice Cooper song. They have a color for everyone: red, blue, pink, nude, rock n’ roll…





How to remove it?

To remove it, there is no need to place acetone packets for so long that your nails will melt in front of so much aggression. As said in the preamble, this formula is not more aggressive than a classic polish but with a much longer hold. Simply place a cotton pad soaked in the special acetone-free nail polish remover on each nail, and it will be removed.


They propose discovery kits, and I chose the one with the little clips (photo above) that hold the cotton remover in place on the finger until the polish comes off in about two minutes. It’s super practical, and it comes off very easily without damaging the nail.






And that’s it for this little colorful discovery. I thank myself every day for having tried this very pleasant formulation which does not damage my nails.


All that remains is for me to wish you a good weekend, and I’ll see you next Friday, for new adventures.


XO 🎨





IMG 8298 scaled - After hand care, time for color, which lasts, and lasts!

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