Wild garlic season is back!






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Good news: wild garlic season has returned! Whether you have planted some in your garden, lucky you, whether you go looking for some in the local forests, or whether you have found some at your organic store or local farmer’s market, all means are suitable to succumb to the sweetness of this sexy plant, with a subtle taste and numerous health properties (click here for a fabulous risotto recipe and a summary of the virtues of wild garlic, or here for some fantastic scrambled eggs, or here for the easiest potato salad, but so tasty, always with wild garlic, that’s the topic of the day, try to follow, lol!).


So here we go for the first wild garlic recipe of the season.





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Wild garlic spring soup.

1.5 oz of wild garlic

1 medium-sized potato

1 medium-sized onion

1 knob of butter

17 oz of vegetable broth

Salt, Madagascar pepper





Wash the wild garlic leaves and the potato.

Using a good knife and a cutting board, finely chop the onion, cut the potato into small cubes, and slice the wild garlic leaves into three or four sections.


If you have a soup maker, place the onions, butter, and potato pieces in it and cook for 5 minutes at 212 °F. Add the vegetable stock, pepper, and salt if necessary, and continue cooking for 10 minutes. Ensure the potatoes are cooked, add the wild garlic, and mix.


If you don’t have a soup maker, place the butter, onions, and potato pieces in a hot saucepan over medium heat and cook for 5 minutes. Add the vegetable stock, pepper, and salt if necessary, and continue cooking for 10 minutes, still over medium heat. Check that the potatoes are cooked. If so, turn off the heat, add the wild garlic, and mix, being careful not to burn yourself.





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In your prettiest soup plates, bowls, or pretty little casserole dishes like the one in the photo (link here, these are the 50 cl – I encourage you to wait like me for the sales, they are regularly -30, even -40 %), pour a few ladles of this wonderful spring soup with its bright green color, which is so desirable.




To accompany with a nice slice of natural and organic sourdough bread, and if necessary or desired, a little artisanal goat’s cheese, or even a Corsican cheese, lol, and a good glass of Savoy wine fruity, floral, and spicy like a Comte Rouge, Château de Mérande, whose vintage, for the record, comes from the vines owned by Amédée VII of Savoy, known as Comte Rouge.


All that remains for me to do is wish you an excellent appetite and a good weekend. I’ll see you next Friday for new adventures!




XO 🌱



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