anti-hangover soup recipe




My bad: Detox! I mean a «detox soup »!




« An apple a day keeps the doctor away, as long as you aim well. »

Winston Churchill.



Hello, young Padawan


Come on let’s be fashionable, today we’ll talk about detox.

Nah just kidding, detox is bullsh*t, your body does it alone like a big boy, but you can give it an optimal foundation to help it in the best way.

It’s a bit like sharpen the pencil and get out your kid’s notebook at homework time, you won’t do the homework, but you will have set the stage to give him the best conditions to perform. You follow me?


And please, promise me the next time you will say “no” to the glass of wine or the third slice of pizza. I know it’s hard.


May the force be with you.


Black radish soup

For 2 servings


Ingredients :


1 big black radish, or 2 little. (there is no joke nor pun intended, this is really a vegetable. I promise you! Btw the only area where size matters, it is in the kitchen, ed.)

1 onion

4 cups of vegetable broth or 1 cube of vegetable broth + 4 cups of water.

5 tbsp soy cream

fresh chopped parsley

(neither salt nor pepper because the broth is already salted, and black radish, like the turnip, has a strong taste like “peppered”. Do you follow me?)




If you have a soup maker like me, you just have to put the vegetable broth, black radish and onion cut into small dices in it, you cook it for 15 min on low heat and you select the fine blending option. When the soup is cooked and blended, add the soy cream, stir a few seconds, arrange the soup into bowls and then add the parsley.



If you do not have one, fend for yourself. Bye!

Nah, I’m just kidding…



Cut the radish and the onion into small dices. Then, in a saucepan, put them in the boiling vegetable broth.

Cook it for about 10-15 min on a low heat (taste regularly to check the cooking from 10 min).

When it is cooked you just have to process the preparation into a nice velouté with a blender or a plunging blender, then add the soy cream, stir a little, and at the moment of serving, the final touch: a handful of parsley. Easy Ozzy!



Bon appetit ! 😋




IMG 1493 - anti-hangover soup recipe

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