Because we all have the right to have soft hands!






“If there were no winter, spring would not be so pleasant. If we didn’t experience adversity, success wouldn’t be so appreciated.”.

Ann Bradstreet.








Hello, young Padawan



Winter is here, and no more leaves to be scattered by the wind; all that’s missing is the good dry cold after the snow and the great white sun, which reveals each flake sparkling like a diamond.


Today, we will talk about hands and the winter injuries that happen if we forget our gloves for a few days in a row, but also about all those who work with their hands, like potters, bakers, carpenters, mechanics, and whose hands tend to chapped, cracked, or have dry fingertips, and cuticles.


Because the Canadian lumberjack also has the right to have soft hands, let’s continue our first article on hand care, which you can find here if you don’t have the basics.





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I will only repeat one point from our first article on the subject (you can find it here, ed.): use a gentle cleanser. If you wash your hands with dishwashing liquid, stop the bullshit, and take a mild soap. Plenty of artisans make some; if you can’t find any in your area, you can always shop in a Lush boutique, where you will find all possible and unimaginable scents, shapes, and colors.


Regularly hydrating your hands, especially in winter, is neither a luxury. Two great products: the cream that I apply in the evening before sleeping for more than ten years, if not fifteen, lol, is the one from The Body Shop, the Hemp cream. It is very nourishing, and the next day, your hands are repaired and comfortable.


The second is for the most passionate among us and those who need hydration the most; it is a serum based on hyaluronic acid before the cream, which will lock in hydration. I’ve been testing this hand and nail serum from Typology for a long month and am delighted with it. It hydrates well and plumps the skin, but there is just one flaw: it smells like steamed potatoes, lol. Well, you tell me, it could have been worse. Great serum, though, and I point out that the smell doesn’t last more than a few seconds.





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Ccracks, frostbites and other delights of winter.

Let’s talk about serious things. When the skin begins to crack like a wall that has suffered an earthquake, it is high time to take care of it because even if it is obvious, let us remember that any opening is a potential health risk for your health. Sepsis, tetanus, staphylococcus, infection X or Y, all these joys are risks for damaged skin. So, it’s not just a question of care and aesthetics.


An ultra-rich balm will be effective if the skin is slightly chapped and cracked without oozing or bleeding. The creamy balm from Clémence and Vivien is excellent for this, plus it smells of lemon. Cute.


If the skin oozes or bleeds slightly, you must first disinfect (it’s obvious, but just in case, ed), and then, when the skin has formed a crust, it is possible to help it heal with creams intended for this purpose, such as Dermalibour from A-derma, or Cicalfate from Avène (in pharmacies).


There are also natural healing balms like Savonnia Rescue Balm, which contains essential oils with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. The latter will also be helpful on sunny days in the event of a mosquito bite, sunburn, or even a slight burn that does not blister. I’ve been using it for a few months, and it works well on my skin. Note a botanical scent of essential oils, which I love, but I know it doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone.





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This is a particularly challenging area in winter.

The best-known cream, at least among our Swiss friends, is the cuticle cream from Mavala, which is very nourishing. Still, if the rather strong botanical smell bothers you, there is also this little duo from Manucurist, a serum, and cuticle oil to use one after the other, which repairs them in three days.





No more cracks, frostbite, cuticles that grip everything you touch, and hands so dry they make you look twenty years older. The elegant fingers and the sexy hands are yours.


Have a nice evening, and see you next Thursday!


XO 🪴





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