After Christmas, season 4.






Hello, young Padawan



Here we are at the end of this holiday season, where the alcohol vapors have gone away, but not the migraine, which has set in.


But don’t panic because this year, we are starting with a new idea for an anti-hangover recipe, namely healthy for the liver and the digestive sphere in general, and ready in less time than it takes to say so—this super delicious endive salad, will help your liver and intestines to recover gently and lightly. You can make it a main course or a starter by reducing the quantities proposed below.


For those who want to look at the previous editions of the anti-hangover recipes, you can find them here, here, and here, as well as another delicious endive recipe here.


Let’s go.





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Anti-hangover endive salad.

For two servings 


2 endives

2 handfuls of lamb’s lettuce

2 handfuls of shelled walnuts

1 piece of Roquefort


For the sauce:

1 tsp mustard

3 tbsp of cider vinegar with your mother, for your digestive comfort

4 tsp walnut oil

1 tsp acacia honey

Salt, Madagascar pepper






Wash the endives and lamb’s lettuce. Using a good knife and a cutting board, roughly slice the lamb’s lettuce and cut the endive into thin rounds. Place everything in a salad bowl. Crumble the walnuts and Roquefort over the salad. Set aside.


In a small bowl, add all the ingredients for the sauce: mustard, honey, cider vinegar, walnut oil, salt and pepper. Mix using a fork. Set aside.





IMG 7716 scaled - After Christmas, season 4.






When ready to serve, add the vinaigrette to the salad and stir gently. In your most beautiful deep plate, bowl, or pasta plate, place a few spoons of this sumptuous endive salad without forgetting to collect a few nuts and pieces of Roquefort that have undoubtedly remained at the bottom of the salad bowl!


Enjoy without delay, and serve with a glass of good quality neutral water, not too loaded with minerals, such as Volvic or Mont-Roucous, for example. Aside from a hangover, a good Chablis will have enough character to integrate among the flavors.





And I obviously end this recipe by wishing you my best wishes for this new year, wishing it sweet, healthy, and full of love, glory, and beauty!


XO 🥬





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