After Christmas, season 2






Hello, young Padawan



First of all, I wish you to have had a nice Christmas Eve and to have been well spoiled by all the people you love.


As you probably know, after a food orgy it is ingenious to make it simple, very simple. So I come here, between the cake and the chocolate bonbon to remind you of a recipe, the one that probably made your grandmother when you were little: the famous vegetable soup of what “was left in the fridge” and believe me, they are the best.


I’m going to offer you an example, of what was left in my fridge, knowing that if your bowels are really in “SOS I’ve really too much eaten” mode, I would rather recommend this recipe that will restore your liver, stomach and all, easy to recognize, it is my “anti-hangover soup” (approved by a “twelve liters of vodka on Saturday evening” human specimen, ed).





The soup from what we found the fridge, the after Christmas


What I had left:

1 large turnip
half a leek
Half a quarter of a pumpkin (because it’s hard to see 1/8)
2 small carrots
2 small potatoes
1 stick of turmeric
5 sprigs of parsley
A pinch of salt




Cut all the vegetables into small pieces, cubes, slices, so that they cook faster (everything except the parsley). If you have a soup maker, you put everything in it with a liter of water, and you program it on soup mode. Otherwise, place them in a saucepan with a liter of water and cook them 6-8 minutes after boiling. Blend according to your convenience.


Pour the soup in pretty bowls, finely chop the parsley and place it in the center with a light and delicate artist’s hand, as you know how to do it well, (yep, it’s in you, … somewhere, ed).


A soup maker is really a good investment for busy Padawans who come home from work when it is dark outside because while the device is taking care of your dinner, you can do something else. I have an old one that I take out of the closet every winter (yes, it’s not my clothes that I rock in the dressing room according to the seasons, but the kitchen robots in my cupboards, rock ‘n’ roll, ed).


In fact, the recipe for the best soup is the one that uses the vegetables you have left. You end up with an original mixture, absolutely delicious, at low cost and without spending 10 years in the kitchen.`





Enjoy your soup, let your body rest from this Christmas meal, nevertheless fully deserved.
XO 🎉




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