Carob, a cocoa ersatz? You kidding me.







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Today we are going to rebel loud and clear against those who think that carob is just a vulgar low-cost brownish powder which is used to try to give a fake chocolaty taste in various food preparations. That’s outrageous!


The carob tree is ancestral, its fruits were already used when the wheel had just been invented, let’s say a few centuries ago. It was then a remedy for childhood diarrhea.


The carob was back in trend in the 20th century, at a time when the cocoa bean had become too expensive for our industrial “friends”. It then became the cheap cocoa alternative to low-end pastries, the secretly used ersatz, the outcast of ingredients. It is secretly mixed with cocoa to make people believe that it is just chocolate. Poor carob.


This article aims to give it back its right place because it is a noble fruit, a very beautiful tree, and if in addition, it can cure the babies’ diarrhea.





Carob is a kind of a bunch of giant vanilla pods hanging from a tree, and in the pods, it looks like almonds, but darker (Great description, lol, ed). It comes from countries around the Mediterranean.


It is most often eaten in powder, in pastries or various food preparations.


Rich in proteins, but also in polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants, carob is also an excellent source of calcium. It contains vitamin E, several vitamins of group B and vitamin A. Clearly, with the carob, you will be strong, young and beautiful.


The carob has hypoglycemic properties. Indeed, even if it contains 45% natural sugars, their high rate of soluble fibers improves their assimilation. It helps reduce the blood sugar level and stabilizes it, thanks to its low GI. Carob is therefore recommended for people with diabetes and finally reduces the level of bad cholesterol.


Carob for the voice. Did you know that in the 19th century, in Great Britain, musicians bought carob beans to maintain their vocal cords before and after concerts? It softens the voice and its antioxidant properties, as well as its cocktail of minerals and micronutrients, makes it the singer’s best friend.


Strong, young, beautiful, healthy, and the voice of Pavarotti.

So after that, if you don’t like my vegetable hot beverage, I eat my piano!






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photo credit: jardinage ooreka.




Caro “Chilly” ‘s hot carob

For one mug


2 tsp carob powder (in the “cocoa” section of your organic store)
1 cup of oat milk
1 pinch of cinnamon
Some cute cookies
2 dates (because nobody wants to spend a demineralized winter!)
A plaid
A good movie
A cat, a warm dog or a standard human being naturally warm as a cat (for the feet, it is very useful, ed).





My recommendation for the realization of this delicate drink is to use oat milk because it has a very sweet taste, which will sublimate the carob.


Pour a little bit of milk in a small saucepan, tilt it so as to have the liquid on one side, pour two teaspoons of carob powder into it and stir with a small whisk. Add the rest of the milk, the pinch of cinnamon and heat everything over medium heat, stirring from time to time.


When the mixture simmers, pour it into your prettiest Christmas mug. You will notice that the carob has slightly thickened your drink to transform it into a creamy beverage, that even the gods of Olympus look stupid with their ambrosia.


You can now relax with your well-deserved snack and drink, and a good movie, enjoy it!




I wish you a wonderful Christmas and see you on Thursday.





IMG 6900 scaled - Carob, a cocoa ersatz? You kidding me.

Can you hear them, the Christmas elves ?! 🎄

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