When winter fruits give colors to your cheeks.






Hello, young Padawan



Well, it’s been a long time since we did not make a little smoothie! I hear: “Yes, but in winter, I’m not going to put leeks in it!”. Nah, you are not going to put leeks in your smoothie, what an idea, we will rather have fun with the most super common winter fruit, but so nice for the taste and your health, of course.


People who speak English will tell you that the word “orange” rhymes with nothing, I say that the word orange rhymes with beautiful skin, pink ass, and immune system at the top, and this in all languages. Absolutely. This is not a coincidence if Mother Nature offers them to you in winter, my dear Padawan.


A skin problem is not usually one really, it is often in the intestines that this happens. So, a little bit of turmeric and cinnamon will help a lot if you have a little acne or other skin problem, or if you have a cold, or if you need to be strong to face winter. Turmeric forever, I say.




With its high content of vitamins and micronutrients, it is a powerful antioxidant. It promotes digestion, it is purifying, and it strengthens your immune system thanks to the vitamin C it contains, and this same vitamin also helps you absorb iron.


Indeed, never forget to eat fruit, or veggie, containing vitamin C when you eat your lentils or red beans my dear.


It is also a source of vitamins A, B, E and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. The consumption of oranges is therefore ideal to strengthen the immune system, prevent many diseases and have an optimal health condition.




IMG 6870 - When winter fruits give colors to your cheeks.

The art of the smoothie, and yeah dude, it’s an art.




Winter smoothie, or the “Rock, Orange and Roll”

For one serving


1 fresh coconut
1 orange
1/3 of a (large) piece of turmeric
3 pinches of cinnamon
2 gratings of ground Madagascar pepper





Remove the skin from the orange and cut it into quarters.
Open the coconut with a coconut machete without cutting your thumb (or make it a sandwich, it won’t be lost for everyone, ed).


In the bowl of a blender, put the orange wedges, the coconut water, and the spices. Once the coconut is free of water, using a spoon turned back (hollow side against the coconut wood), remove about half of the flesh and put the pieces in the blender with the other ingredients.


Start the blender for a few seconds, until the mixture is smooth, without any chunks.





In your most beautiful juice glass, or beer glass (“And one beer for all” as the good guys from Metallica say, ed), pour this sexy drink that will give you back your twenty years old into the glass, add a straw and possibly two ice cubes, to make the drink cuter.



It is now time for me to wish you to enjoy it, and you will never run out of sexytude (sexy attitude, ed) again.




heathy greetings🥤



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