Happy, just the way you are.







« Happiness is to continue to desire what you have. »
Augustin d’Hippone.






Hello, young Padawan


In this past period of Black Friday which lasted a fortnight, and Cyber Monday which will probably continue until Christmas, the winter sales and your purchasing power which nevertheless remains the same (the true good deal is not to buy stuff that is not necessary, ed) you say “damn, is it all that a scam ? And as in every question, there is often a truth that is dormant there, I let you answer this yourself.


Here is today the following of the article on the emotional buffering that is (over) consumption. We will see that you can be happy “Just the way you are,” as the English guy said in Bridget Jones (the general culture is at its height in this article, ed). Yes, happy now, while you have not yet achieved all the goals you had imagined for your career, while you did not buy everything you wanted, and while you are not in Acapulco with a Mojito.


“How do we do that ?! You will ask me; go get yourself a tea (well, whatever you want except a coke, ed) and I explain all that.





Organized frustration

They want you to buy more and more, that’s how the economy runs. So they need to motivate yourself, and for that, frustrate yourself. And that makes you feel sad and disappointed. Offers and sales, everything is there to make you desire things that you don’t need, and will only bring you the trance of the addict after his shoot: a few moments of escape.


But if rather than escape, we were in tune with our daily life to never have to flee it?


We can decide not caring anymore what the ads tell us, or not pay attention to the scams of bargains. Life is too short to desire something that will only bring you a few minutes of frenzy – I offer you a lifetime of happiness.





There is more precious to possess than objects

Your intelligence, your general culture, your humor, your charm, your sexytude (sexy attitude, ed); work on whatever you want, it will make you happy. Yes, I see you through my screen, and I can tell you that you have nothing to envy to George (Clooney, ed). The concern here is that you’re great, but you ignore it, because society prefers you to feel bad and buy unnecessary things.


You do not get richer by having the most money that sleeps doing nothing on your bank account, or by spending it in bullshit, you get richer by knowing. A rich and well-rounded brain allows you to have more arguments, to face the surprises of life, to think while staying calm, to analyze critical situations, to establish strategies and to shine in dinners and meetings (although for that you can also wear glitters, ed). For that, books, conversations, travel, museums, everything is good to learn things. Learning is the pride of having understood something, it is a little star in the sky of self-esteem, learning is happiness. Happiness invested that will bring you many more. Because with learning comes the mastery, and why not thereafter, the creation.


You see, the key is not to have a Ferrari, but the knowledge that builds it. Not the key, the Ferrari, try to follow me, even if I wish you to have one, one day; the key, of the Ferrari. Yes, I’m in shape today, good luck, it’s not over.





Ode to simplicity

Dear Saint Augustin, you were born well before the Coca-Cola area but you understood everything about the human reaction to temptations, you already told us the way to forward: to desire what we have.


It’s not complicated, that’s what you explain to your frustrated 5-year-old kid, three days after his birthday when he’s having a whim at the supermarket and want to have a new toy: “Paul, you’re not reasonable, you had a nice electric train for your birthday, so go play with it! “.


Do you have a roof over your head, enough food, and a few pennies to buy an electric train? So what are you waiting for to be happy? Well, the neighbor has one who does music and not you? And so, it works it’s the main thing, and besides you built a whole circuit with lots of different paths and you can create an adventure with it, while he only has an oblong track because he does not have the ability to do what you have done. I bet he’s envious of you too. Ah, humanity, or this ability to envy and be envied simultaneously, magic (irony, ed). I hope the metaphor of the train hit your brain.


You do not have the latest greatest thing, certainly, but you can be proud because your self-value is invaluable, just like the time you have been given on this planet. So enjoy it, smile and laugh. You probably have other great abilities that many people want, without even having noticed it yourself.


We all have a passion, a talent, it can also be a generalist ability, you can be average in several areas, it is also a talent.





Trust yourself, and desire what you already have, you are beautiful, you are bombastic.



Happy greetings 🌈


IMG 1190 - Happy, just the way you are.

Dequindre cut greenway, Detroit, Mi, USA.


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