The slap.






“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”.

Winston Churchill.





Hello, young Padawan,



So, that’s it, we punch a new decade right in the face.
Hangover? Try my magic recipe. Nostalgia? Don’t be sad, there will be others.
It is not so much the change of decade that makes my head hurt, nor even the hints of alcohol that I have not drunk, it is something else. And trust me, today, I have a heavy heart.


When I was a little I already wanted to become an adult because I knew deep inside that the ’80s had this innocence that we would never live again. The best music in the history of humanity was playing at that time (well ok, from the ’70s to the early ’90s, I grant you, ed), the greatest artists of all times reigned supreme over the media, people were sexy, without even knowing it, without ever working it, it was obvious to everyone. Sci-fi movies and series, very popular at the time, took us back to the 2000s which seemed so far away, we imagined flying cars and even wars in the galaxy with laser guns. 2020 at that time was just a number, we had a life so innocent and true at the time that we did not even bother to imagine as far. And yet here we are.


For this new year, I wish you giant. Yes, I finished my sentence, why are you scratching your head ?!

Ok I develop, I wish you to let your intrinsic self grow within you which only asks to flourish on the path of this new decade: Of course, I mean your attitude.





I refuse to mourn attitude.

From the late ’60s to the mid-90s, everyone had an “attitude”. Even if there were fashions, even if in the ’80s all women had a huge marshmallow on top of their heads, the fact remained that they each had their own attitude. The girls had their style, the boys their own, including the ladies-gentlemen and the gentlemen-ladies.


Your attitude is your own self. What you choose to like, to show off, your musical style perhaps, the studies you did why not, your politics choices or even your injuries if you wish, in short, the choices to assume, your display of colors, what defines you. It’s the way of an artist moving on stage, the way you go down the subway stairs, the way you hold your cigarette or your glass of whiskey. Your attitude is your way of displaying what you think or feel, it’s your posture, your body language, your mind, your bowels, your bones, your soul. What transpires from you, what you choose to reveal. We each had our own, but that was before the drama.


Before we were all dressed the same but we each had our own attitude, today, everyone is still dressed according to fashion, but we mourn our attitude.


We standardize up to the poses on pictures, our way of ordering a drink in a bar, I no longer notice a touch of humor, personal puns (do you feel my distress? Ed), everyone sports the same pout or the same one side grin, some artists behave like others for fear of disappearing, the style is dead, gone to commit suicide with allure, charisma, and particularism. Where are the personalities? Where did the attitude go?


Remember your grandmother, in love with Charles Bronson or I don’t know what singer or actor with a broken face, these artists had an attitude, that’s why so many people were in a trance at the slightest sound of their favorite vinyl, at the slightest glance of their favorite black and white movie.


This is why I officially declare that employees who want to put on electric blue nail polish or chick yellow cowboy boots and why not a feather in the behind (why not! ed) can start today. Don’t panic, it’s Friday wear. I wish that those who want to waddle from the left to right do so, even if the road is straight. I ambition that those who want to change anything in their life do it, with fear in their stomachs, certainly, but I’m going to tell you one thing, it is better to advance fear in the stomach, at the risk of crashing rather than to live a life by proxy looking at those who did it with tears in your eyes, mortified by regrets.


I’m not going to do my Bruce Lee here, but having your own attitude is to follow the way of the dragon, having your own attitude is … to believe in yourself.


To be proud to believe in yourself, in what you are, to believe that you can achieve what you want, but for that, you have to stop conformism and let your attitude live. So dye your hair purple, put on some neon blue underwear, or change your job.





I challenge the death of the sexy.

It is high time that we realize this so that we stop annihilating what we are, in favor of mass lobotomization, or worse, of anti sexy. My god just thinking about it, I’m dizzy.


But goddammit, if you want to be sexy, it’s not your biceps that you have to inflate, nor your skirt that you have to shorten: work on your attitude. It is your attitude that makes you devilishly desirable, which makes tongues fall in rolls on the ground as in the Looney Tunes. So if it were possible to stop seeing social network accounts entirely centered on their own self, it would be a small step for humanity, and a big step for attitude and sexy. If we could simply share our art, our passions, enrich each other, rise all together without trying to format the others, but rather to grow from this sharing, I guarantee you an ’80s decade with a touch of Dalai Lama’s vibe.


There are human beings who have nothing beautiful, but who have such sex appeal that they would make you do anything with your little panties. Believe me. Work on your attitude, it will actually develop your sexy.






Your attitude can finally change your life since you can decide to be what you want before you even get it. Do you have some fight to win? Behave as if you had already won it, calmly inspect the thing and note the force you have just put in your hands. Do you want to be a winner? Raise your ass off your sofa and decide loudly that you are a Jedi.

That’s it, that’s all for today.



Take care of your attitude, it will take care of raising your altitude.


Rock ‘n roll greetings 🤘🏻




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This old rusty door has adopted a very colorful attitude. Very nice. Downtown Detroit, Michigan, USA.

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