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hello, young Padawan




You regularly ask me in private message on Instagram or Facebook, how to be energetic on a daily basis because sometimes you feel like an old tire on the edge of an abandoned road. Well, I picture a little to be understood by everyone, but that’s basically the meaning of your question …


When I ask myself about my health, when I want to find answers on this or that point, I go back to basics.

“What are the basics?” Well it’s very simple my little padawan we have already talked about it on the blog, you better try to follow the older articles or I will be taken for an inveterate nudist if you continue to ask me on this topic. And I will receive a lot of nudes on my socials because of this. Well done that’s all I have to do with my days, (to binge watch) to erase pictures of (peepee) naked people. Whatever. It is with the greatest dedication (you know me now) that I will approach again this more than a controversial subject, just for you.


The solution to your energy lies in unprocessed, natural, and raw foods. In short: the food you would eat naturally if you lived naked in the forest. What a program! Here we go, both feet in it again but it is necessary. Don’t worry, I would never picture you in Adam tuxedo picking blueberries and be mocked by the squirrels, it’s not my style (at all !).


To come back to Instagram, yes I know you wanted me to talk about naked people and squirrels all the article but don’t worry there will be more, it is so rare when a social media as a good influence that we have to notice it when it happens, but it’s up to you. Indeed, if you do not make a drastic declutter of your subscriptions, according to the excessively retouched photos and those of a perfect life scenery, we are far from healthy life, balance and well being. We are totally in “the more I compare myself and the more I depress” mode. So, sort out what makes you feel good, you do not have to suffer it all.

But fortunately, when the decluttering is done Instagram becomes a place of serenity. Sharing between true people, with real lives, real experiences and especially beautiful photos from all over the Earth, or from all foods around the world you choose what you like… and especially, pictures of baby cats. Don’t tell me it doesn’t melt your little heart I won’t believe you, tiger.


So what do Paleo-Neanderthal-Sapiens Nudism and Instagram have in common? The “Buddha bowl” of course!

You do not follow me, do you? So you’re much more tired than I thought, it’s very simple. What would you eat if you were naked? Excuse me, let me rephrase:

“If you did not live in a modern world, what would you eat naturally?”

Whoever answers “Oreos watching Netflix” will get the little spanking that he deserves. Of course, the correct answer is “natural and unprocessed food”. Only two people follow me in the back of the room. Is it the jet lag or the Brazilian plastic boobed chick next to the pool during your last vacation that made you tired like that?




Decrease processed foods. Why ?


Let’s define the term “processed food” before you get lost in the meanders of food jargon: a processed food is a food that does not grow on a tree or in the ground. Something which has been modified a little or a lot by human’s hand.

Examples: A potato is a whole food, a fries (even homemade) is a processed food. An apple is a whole food, an applesauce (even homemade) is a processed food (devoid of vitamins).


Processed foods tire your body, create visible or invisible deficiencies, and then make you sick.

Because even if you have always eaten it and it is in your routine since you were a kid as being “natural” (you noted the quotation marks I hope) your organism is in pain, tortured in silence like a valiant warrior. Indeed it is important to understand that our food has changed much more in 70 years than in 3 million years.

But your body does not have the ability to evolve so quickly. You still have the digestive system of a Homo Sapiens Sapiens running naked in the forest (At least for Christmas you would have had two more balls to decorate. Oh-oh-oh! ed.).


Moreover, our fruits and vegetables are industrially made meaning they are in drastic loss of vitamins and minerals compared to the good fruits from your grandpa/granny’s orchard, and you should understand that it is essential today to look at our nutritional intake. Let me give you a more concrete example: According to you, to be able to have the nutrients contained in an apple eaten in the 1950s, do you know how much apples you would have to eat today in 2018?

One hundred.

Enjoy your meal. 🍎


This is why it is essential to learn and take care of your health because no one will do it for you. The gentleman in a white coat with a stethoscope? He will worry about you when you get sick. But the goal would be to never see him, or as late as possible wouldn’t it, or just about a sprained ankle, for example. (Your favorite blogger is very awkward indeed, ed).






What is a Buddha Bowl?


It’s a little raw recipe with no processed food, or as less as possible.


In short, you put all your stuff in a bowl, but not like a puppy put his poop, try to do it nicely, try to respect yourself a minimum and you’ll see it will make you happy to enjoy a dish nicely presented.

Yes, it’s just a Buddha bowl. But there is a Buddha bowl, and a Buddha bowl …


IMG 3661 - Happiness for breakfast or a snack with a Buddha bowl




Buddha bowl for a beautiful skin, pretty complexion and much more!


For one serving


1/2 banana of the maturity of your choice. Watch out, teenage ones are a little difficult (The maturity of your faithful servant does not get better either, ed).

A few drops of lemon

1 tsp of cinnamon

2 pinches of vanilla

A tsp of coconut powder

A handful of raspberries

1/2 ripe mango

1/4 pomegranate

A nice mint leaf

Oilseeds of your choice (That you had already soaked for several hours in water and rinsed to remove the phytic acid). In this recipe I chose :

– A handful of hazelnut

– 3 or 4 pieces of pecan. Meaning one and a half or two nuts for the recipe, but do not forget to remove the shell. (What? I need to grow up? Hum, not today hun. I’m happy with my corny silly jokes, you see).





In your most gorgeous bowl, cut the half banana in slices and crush it with a fork to obtain a light and almost liquid puree.


Add a few drops of lemon, the cinnamon, and the vanilla.


Cut the piece of mango into cubes of the desired size.


Take off the seeds from the pomegranate, and take care to remove the small pieces of white flesh. Set aside.



IMG 3686 - Happiness for breakfast or a snack with a Buddha bowl







Arrange the cubes of mango on top of the banana puree to cover a third of it.


Align the raspberries on the opposite third, and then put a line of pomegranate, hazelnuts and coconut powder on the middle third (see photo below).


Add the pecans and the mint leaf for the decor.







I wish you a bon appetit, good health, good complexion, beautiful pink buttocks, what more can I wish you with this lovely buddha bowl ready to satisfy you at breakfast or for a snack. You can prepare it a few hours in advance if your overbooked agenda does not allow you to do it right at the moment, and keep it in the refrigerator.


I suppose you understand that you can put all the fruits and nuts that you want in this bowl, but I would recommend you to try this recipe once if you want to experiment what a culinary orgasm is. You’re welcome. And of course for your next creations, do not forget the spices: Cinnamon, vanilla, Madagascar pepper, star anise, … use and abuse of the good spices, they will take good care of yourself!


Here some pictures below of some other buddha bowls that I have realized, but if you want to see more I recommend you follow me on Instagram, I Try among others to motivate the Padawans with inspiring pics to change your daily a little bit.



Fruity kisses XO 🍋






IMG 3663 - Happiness for breakfast or a snack with a Buddha bowl







IMG 3690 - Happiness for breakfast or a snack with a Buddha bowl

A Buddha bowl with the same “banana” base and for the topping: peach, apricots, goji, crushed almonds.


IMG 3691 - Happiness for breakfast or a snack with a Buddha bowl

A Buddha bowl with the same “banana” base and for the topping: Kiwi, coconut powder, apricot, goji, walnuts.



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