Heaven in Hell.




“Rock ‘n’ Roll might not solve your problems, but it does let you dance all over them.”

Pete Townshend.






Hello, young Padawan



A few days ago, I went to the Disneyland of the metalheads. Yes, we too have our amusement park and favorite heroes, except ours don’t have red tights or yellow underpants, though, lol, and their superpowers are more bass, drums, guitar, or the singing, than the eyes in laser beams.


Hellfest, one of the biggest rock n’roll festivals, has come back after a two-year hiatus, and it feels so good to be together with the metalhead family. Finally, we can listen to our music altogether with a good beer. Finally! And for this year, the owner, aka Ben Barbaud, has worked twice as hard… uh, how can I tell you… the guy was clearly in an “after that, it’s the end of the world” mode, lol. Even the fireworks on the last day were spectacular. So, I told myself that for once, I would take you with me to these few days of musical madness, and like that, you will see what a Disneyland of metalheads looks like. And maybe it will make you want to listen to rock n’ roll a bit.


Since everyone is not in this vibe here – but how come??!! We’re not going to discuss the programming; just do the site tour. If after that you want to listen to the Hellfest sound, go to my Instagram page here where you can access it as a permanent story. I’m also trying to put some videos on my YouTube channel here, but I don’t know if it will hold because of copyright. We’ll see.


Let’s go for the visit to Hellfest, Paradise in Hell.





Hellfest edition 2022.

The Hellfest takes place in Clisson, not far from Nantes, France, and we gather there in June to listen to rock n’ roll for three days, except that this year, it was 3 + 4 days, to catch up with the two years of “you know what.” On the roundabout to access the festival, there is a small clue, lol…



IMG 3179 - Heaven in Hell.



The Village:

IMG 3303 scaled - Heaven in Hell.



IMG 3185 - Heaven in Hell.



211F8D16 2058 4A67 9627 F9BB9D1EF6A3 - Heaven in Hell.



Entrance to the festival:

IMG 3325 scaled - Heaven in Hell.



IMG 3326 scaled - Heaven in Hell.



And here’s the inside:

IMG 3309 scaled - Heaven in Hell.



IMG 3193 scaled - Heaven in Hell.



IMG 3190 scaled - Heaven in Hell.

Lemmy forever. Some of his ashes were laid here last week.



I even took a big wheel ride to show you the view from above:
IMG 3198 scaled - Heaven in Hell.



IMG 3204 scaled - Heaven in Hell.



IMG 3205 scaled - Heaven in Hell.



When night falls, it’s even nicer:

IMG 3235 scaled - Heaven in Hell.



84C46215 52B8 4F98 9925 8925C0E464F5 - Heaven in Hell.



The headlining artists of these 4 days:

A7B06F92 A031 4DE1 A6FD 58C5FE5AB875 - Heaven in Hell.

Alice Cooper, Megadeth with the talented Dave Mustaine, Guns N’Roses, and Metallica.






And that’s it for this tour of Hellfest 2022. I hope you found it funny, as for me, I leave you with the final bouquet of the fireworks that left us all on our asses, so I thought that you might like it, and see you on Friday!


XO  🎸








BA516AD2 86EB 4722 AA47 A132AC4B495C - Heaven in Hell.





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