Infused water, for a fresh and relax mood.







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To chat occasionally on Instagram with some of my readers, I know that many of you have a hard time relaxing on vacation. It is true that between private and professional worries, and “the current atmosphere”, we have to be really imaginative to keep our minds calm.


Recharging our mental batteries is not complicated; it is just about thinking of nothing for a few minutes. However, while we must have regular well-being moments to maintain a healthy mind, this exercise seems to be as challenging as the 12 labors of Hercules for many – just hope your house does not look like the Augean stables on this school holiday period. And good luck to the new parents.


If you belong to the category of those who can’t stop thinking about everything at once, your brain constantly in turmoil, what should you do? Well, all you have to do is lay down, for a moment, with a cool, relaxing, soothing summer drink, and tell yourself that you won’t get up from your chair until you’ve finished it. That’s great we’re going to have a very nice drink recipe today. With the ingredients of this infused water, we will put all the chances on our side to make it happen.


About incessant thoughts, once settled in the calm, first try to alleviate this situation with a discussion between friends, a musical moment, or quite simply, the concerto of the little birds in your garden. Nothing more relaxing. You don’t have a garden? Put your magic potion in a thermos and shoo, to the nearest park.





IMG 6455 scaled - Infused water, for a fresh and relax mood.





Lavender, our relaxation ally.

Known for its healing properties, from sunburn to superficial burns, including insect bites, it is also the queen of soothing our nervous system.


Indeed, lavender reduces anxiety, nervousness, and its relaxing properties are very effective in the fight against stress. Finally, it promotes sleep, for a soft and restorative night.


Lavender is the soothing plant by nature. Therefore, using it in this special anti-stress infused water was mandatory, lol.


Make way for the recipe, which is divinely simple.





IMG 6456 scaled - Infused water, for a fresh and relax mood.





Relaxing and refreshing infused water

2 handfuls of pre-frozen wild blueberries. Those from your personal garden, or those from Whole Foods market, for example, will do just fine.

20 true lavender flowers. Those from your garden, untreated, or find yourself a small organic pot, guaranteed without pesticides *

2 liters (or 68 fl oz) of filtered water


Optionnal : some ice cubes.






Note : Freezing wild blueberries allows for better infusion afterward.


Harvest, then, quickly rinse the lavender flowers. If necessary, cut the stems so that only the flowers remain.



Pour the lavender flowers and blueberries into a large carafe, then add the filtered water. Stir and leave to infuse in the fridge overnight – minimum 6 hours.






Using a fine tea strainer, a fine strainer, or a coffee filter, pour your infused water into your prettiest glasses or water bottle for the office. Add a few ice cubes for an “aperitif” effect.


Keep refrigerated for 24 hours.






And here it is, a pretty and effective recipe. All you have to do is enjoy its relaxing, refreshing benefits and most delicate flavor that will appeal to adults and children alike, and see you next Thursday.



XO 🫐






*Plus, once you have some lovely lavender, you can make this fabulous recipe here.




IMG 6457 scaled - Infused water, for a fresh and relax mood.

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