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« Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly. »

Van Morrison.






Hello, young Padawan



Today, we’ll still relax a little because it is summer, after all. Yes, I have a few philosophy articles in the pipeline for those who asked me. But, summer being the time for frivolities, it’s time for piña coladas (or a little juice in the spirit here) and frills under the blazing sun, for now. Let’s take the time to take the time, I don’t know who said that, but I like the spirit.


And you know I love to talk about skin, sun protection and so on, so, let’s go.





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Anti-Inconvenience Weapons

Pores and heavy legs are the main drawbacks of summer. That, and the neighbor pointing his barbecue at your bedroom windows, but that’s another discussion.


For the pore solution, the Before Serum by Martine Cosmetics is truly marvelous. This serum makes the pores disappear in less time than it takes to write it. From the first application, the results are there. On the other hand, sun protection is mandatory because it contains some photosensitizing active ingredients.


Fresh feet and light legs milk from Dr Pierre Ricaud will lighten your feet, your legs, your mind, and even your future. This milk, divinely formulated since it contains menthol and horse chestnut, brings lightness and well-being immediately thanks to the freshness of the mint, but also durably, thanks to the horse chestnut. Lunches in hot weather, meetings without air conditioning, and other incredible activities will no longer affect your legs.

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The before and after (sun, of course).

The ultimate city sunscreen, the Relief Sun SPF 50 PA++++ from the Beauty of Joseon brand, on the Yesstyle website. For your general knowledge, and to be able to spread mine, lol, Korea, nicknamed the land of the calm morning, or literally “Joseon” – the land of the cool morning – which is also the name of the dynasty of Korean kings, founded by General Yi Seong -gye, who occupied the throne from 1392 to 1910. Hence the name of this Korean brand, Beauty of Joseon. After this long period, Korea split in two to form the countries you know.

This sunscreen without a white cast effect is also a moisturizer. Great to save time in the morning while taking care of your skin effectively. With this sunscreen, you don’t shine or lint, and the protection is unbeatable since we are both on an SPF index of 50, but also a PA protection with 4+, the maximum anti-UVA protection, the famous rays that accelerate skin aging.



The hydra-soothing after-sun fluid from Dr Pierre Ricaud. After a day at a festival, at the beach, or when you feel a need to calm down, this after-sun fluid is there to provide softness, hydration, and even tan care, for those who tan — apply as soon as the need arises, or in the evening, for a soothing ritual .





IMG 6334 scaled - The summer essential





The care moment

Two great refreshing and soothing gestures for your summer beauty outfit:

The instant soothing mask with oat and almond milks from The Body Shop. This mask soothes the heated by the sun, sensitive skin that has some redness, skin that needs to be soothed, pampered, or calm after a day of fiesta, work, or lazing around, because after all, it’s tiring to do nothing, and on vacation, it’s allowed and recommended, lol.


The minty Mineral Hydratation Mist by Kora Organics. Soothing, moisturizing and refreshing at the same time, this little wonder is to be applied after a mask, like the oatmeal mask mentioned above, before the moisturizer in order to seal in the hydration, or as the first gesture in the morning, to wake up your skin, your mind and your neurons.





So much for the little summer essentials, in a beauty version. I hope you can take a few days off this year, dear Padawan. Whether you are leaving or staying at home, there is always a way to organize a walk in the forest, a picnic in the park or a reading session with your buttocks under a tree — but not in stormy weather, lol.


I wish you a great summer, and see you next Thursday, for new adventures.



XO ☀️






IMG 6337 scaled - The summer essential




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