No need to mash the butternut squash queen









Hello, young Padawan




Nowadays it’s cold outside, it’s dark at 5 pm so you want comfort food because, I quote: “it’s really too unfair”, and anyway why to justify when we are hungry, hungryyyyyyy we are!!! Well, yes and no.


You know it just as much as I do, there is “hunger” and “hunger” and sometimes it is rather our frustration, our boredom, our sh**ty day which makes us want to eat, not the real hunger. We will talk about it soon on the blog, but meanwhile this new informations and especially effective solutions, it is time to feed the stomachs that are really hungry, the real one and unique, that we feel after a good four hours of mountain hiking by 10°F (or in the forest, it’s up to you).


And since we decided seasonal eating as much as we can my dear Padawan, at least we try our best, we will cook a nice butternut squash today. The queen of squash is for me the butternut one. Why? Because it also generally seduce people who do not like squash.




IMG 4236 - No need to mash the butternut squash queen

The butternut squash gives you the fresh and rested complexion of the guy gone on vacation in Miami, for 3 bucks.






the BUTTERNUT squash, Benjamin Button’s ally


Sweet, light nutty and even a little sweet, it is easy to prepare because you will not even need to remove the skin for most recipes if it is organic.


Rich in vitamin A, it is a precious antioxidant at this period of time when the choice of fruits and vegetables is short. It is also rich in minerals: potassium, phosphorus and calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and manganese. It is also a source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E and fiber.
And of course you’ll have noticed, its orange color gives us the index of its high carotenoid content, both alpha and beta-carotene (10 mg per squash), which makes (again) an anti-oxidant ally helping us to fight against free radicals, responsible for cell aging.



Butternut squash will not only make you pink buttocks, but it will also guarantee that the one and only wrinkle you will have is the one you are sitting on. #socharming

(And now you think I am Lisa Lampanelli’s hidden daughter… Nah, I’m just French.)









Pan-fried butternut squash, and its sunny spices



for 2 servings (+ 1 tupperware depending on the size of the squash, and your appetite).



1 butternut squash

3/4 cup Thai rice

1 onion

1 block of almond-sesame smoked tofu by Taifun (or the one of your choice as long as that it is smoked)

1/3 bunch of parsley

1 tbsp. of olive or coconut oil



Salt, black pepper from Madagascar

3 tbsp. turmeric

1 tbsp. cumin

1 tbsp. coriander seeds

1 small piece of ginger (the size of a fingernail)

1 small clove of garlic (or 1/2 if it is large)

2 cardamom seeds






IMG 4234 - No need to mash the butternut squash queen

I Know, you wanna marry me. #humor







In a saucepan of boiling water, immerse the 2 seeds of cardamom previously crushed and the rice. Cook it al dente, drain it and remove the 2 seeds of cardamom. Set aside.


Wash the butternut squash, cut it in half lengthwise and empty the heart with the seeds. Take off its ass and head, and cut into small cubes. No, you do not need to peel it if it is organic.


A tip for “Cutting hard vegetables”: Use a smooth knife with a sharp blade, and always put a cloth between the worktop and the cutting board to prevent it from slipping at the time of cutting. And watch your fingers. You’re welcome.


Take the opportunity to cut your tofu into small cubes as well, and cut the onion into thin strips.


Mince the parsley finely with love and beauty. The beauty of the gesture is everything, trust the Chef. Put the parsley in a small bowl.


In a hot wok, brown the onions with the oil for a few minutes, then add the butternut dices. Add turmeric, cumin and coriander, then ginger using a garlic press. Cook for 5 minutes at medium-high heat, add the tofu, cook for 2 or 3 minutes, stirring once or twice.


Add the rice, mix again and cut the heat.


Out of the fire and when the preparation is no longer simmering, add the garlic using a garlic press, taste, add salt and pepper according to your preference (be careful with the salt, the tofu is already salted), as well as the parsley. Stir one last time.


In case you wonder: yes, it’s normal, butternut squash dices are still crunchy in the recipe, it’s for the flavor on one hand, for the preservation of vitamins on the other hand and finally because, watch out the hot news: If you have teeth, it is to use them my little rabbit. You’re welcome.







In your most beautiful plate, arrange with the help of a ladle, for example, a little of your preparation in the center of the plate.
You can cut one or two pieces of parsley for the final touch, or keep your cardamom seeds (while cooking your rice, try to follow!), but in this case do not forget to tell your guests not to eat them, that it’s just for the decoration. At least tell to those you love, you little rascal.


You can accompany this dish with a nice winter salad, like lamb’s lettuce for example, seasoned with balsamic and a dash of olive oil, salt pepper, you’ll be full of flavors and vitamin C, that’s paradise.







That’s all folks! Vitamins, minerals, joy and good humor being made in this recipe, do not be surprised not to be sick this winter! Your colleagues will be jealous !!


Energetic vibes 🥕



IMG 4237 - No need to mash the butternut squash queen

“The very archetype of a decadently delicacy”.

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