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“Do not forget to take care of the person with whom you will spend the most time in your life: yourself.”







Hello, young padawan



“Cosmetic products, seriously? It jumps from one subject to another for real in this blog!”


It is true that last week’s article could give hope for a little less superfluous subject today, but you will see that it is in fact connected and not so superfluous as that. Trust me.


No matter what we are going through on our way, happiness, laughter, sorrow or tsunami, there is one thing that must be kept in mind: do not forget yourself, to always try to stay in harmony with oneself.


Why? Because if you are comfortable in your shoes, then you are ready, you are strong for this great adventure that we call life. Because if you go through a difficult time, to care of yourself will help you, which is positive, sensory, and will reconnect you to the essential, to live the present moment. In order not to forget yourself, to remain in connection with oneself, one must not underestimate the power of the ritual of care. To take care of oneself is to reconnect us with our real “me”, it is to leave our automatic mode in order to live here and now. It is to appreciate every small act that we do for us, with benevolence.


Some say there is no harm to pamper yourself, I would say that in terms of self-care, it should even be mandatory, taught at school and tax-free. The only person you share every second of your life with, from beginning to end, is yourself, so if it can happen in harmony and benevolence, it suggests a life a little more joyful.


We are not talking here about narcissism but self-care. For a long time, the society wanted us to believe that to look at ourselves, to pamper ourselves, to appreciate oneself, to love ourselves was not right. But the truth is the opposite.

How do you want to be there for yourself, for the others, to be really useful and never short of good advice if you do not love yourself? (You have 4 hours, ed).

To love oneself is not rude, it is even an obligation in order to ride in harmony on this highway of life, as long as you do not look at yourself in the mirror more than you look at the road #bridgestonephilosophy.





Nice formula, no harm to animals, goodbye crocodile skin


Just the once will not hurt, we will do a small zoom today on a particular brand that I appreciate a lot, just to go on on my article on cruelty-free cosmetics (to be translated very soon) and the one on the packing of a suitcase.


When you go on vacation in another country and you are in a local store to buy shower gel and cream because you followed my good advice of suitcase packing, you do not feel reassured because they are brands, products you do not know. Then come the deep-seated fear of using them, that a fluorescent arm would grow in your back or something.


But then you realize that the dilemma is the same for everyone anyway, for any country, whether you live as an expatriate, whether you’re born here or you’re on vacation, we must find the little routine that pleases you sensually speaking and your skin dermatologically speaking.

You see that even the inhabitants of this city if it is not yours, have the same concerns as you.


So, dear American friends, dear expatriates, dear tourists who came to visit Uncle Sam’s country, there is a Californian brand that I love: Andalou Naturals.

The composition is great, the brand is (it goes without saying so let’s say it anyway) cruelty-free, the formulation is effective, the perfumes do not smell of unlikely chemical odors that give you migraines or allergies. What more could you ask for?!


I have already tested their coconut water firming toner which is a moisturizing and firming mist for the face, that I have finished but for sure I will buy it again quickly because it is very pleasant to use, soothes really well and brings a nice hydration to the skin.


Their shower gels do not dry the skin, they are very respectful of the sensitive skin club of which I am an emeritus member, their body butters are just excellent, especially kukui cocoa which has a slight smell of cocoa bean. If the skin of your body tends to be dry or uncomfortable, this cream will reconcile you with winter or hard water.


I tested their SPF 30 BB cream, it does not paint your face like a classic BB cream, it’s more an urban sunscreen with a very slight unifying power, and you can wear makeup on top if you want. It has an orange scent, it does not leave a white film on the skin, do not make pimples, but it is necessary to powder the T-zone if you have combination skin like me.


And last but not least, know that 100% of the net profits from this “A path of light” hand creams purchase (there are 3 colors, I love the smell of the green one), which I use for 2 years and a half with the dearest fidelity, support women and girls’ equality and empowerment.

This hand cream is of a high quality, does not leave an oily film for 3 hours on your hands, perfect for sensitive skin, really nourishes the skin especially when you wash your hands a lot or living in a cold climate #lovedetroit.



These products are all guaranteed: 99% natural, cruelty-free, non-GMO, some are gluten-free and most are vegan.




Where to find these products?

In the USA at Whole Foods market or Target, in Europe on iherb.com or Amazon.com for example.





So, the next time you take a shower you’ll think of me … or not. Please tell me you won’t! 😂



Cruelty-free kisses and hugs 🐰




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Ps: This article is not in collaboration with the brand.


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