Sexy, young and beautiful sorbet.






Hello, young Padawan,


School is out for summer, but not forever. Who said you can’t stay beautiful, young, and sexy, even far from school times? After all, age is in your head, and with a few anti-aging tips, you can take care of your skin on the outside and your body from the inside for the better.


So here we are for a little snack to help your body to stay young and beautiful, which will give you a shock of antioxidants in your cells.





IMG 2930 - Sexy, young and beautiful sorbet.

Blueberry and coconut, are two wonderful anti-aging allies.





Your youthful allies.

– Blueberry. It is one of the lightest berries in sugars (and calories). Nine times more antioxidant than grapes, anti-aging side, and after the sun, we hit the bullseye. It is also filled with minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper. Rich in vitamin C, it also contains the following group B vitamins: B2, B3, B5, and B6. An paradise of benefits for the skin, I tell you!

In addition to being a known anti-cancer, it strengthens our bones and teeth. Indeed, they are recommended to improve the absorption of calcium and vitamin D, because they contain the famous minerals mentioned above and vitamin K.

Finally, they are excellent for our sight, against urinary tract infections, and protect our heart health and memory.


– Coconut, yes, always! It is also an excellent moisturizer full of minerals. And you know that skin needs top-quality hydration to stay fresh and plump. I remind you once again that coconut is also rich in antioxidants. It helps fight against free radicals and better fight inflammation. Finally, it contains zinc, vitamins B9, B3, and B5, the skin vitamins par excellence.


– Is it still necessary to speak of the “god” turmeric here? Its recognized antioxidant, anti-redness, and anti-inflammation properties rebalance problem skin thanks to its depurative and anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-cancer.





Coconut blueberry sorbet

For 4 popsicles.


7 oz of fresh blueberries
A fresh coconut (all the water, half of the flesh. If you don’t have fresh coconut, you can put 2/3 cup of fresh water and five tablespoons of coconut milk instead).
2 tbsp of agave syrup (unfortunately, you always have to sweeten the ice cream a little more because the taste is lost with the cold.)
Half a centimeter of turmeric
Popsicle molds (mine hold 95ml or 3.2 fl oz, and I have 4).





IMG 2933 - Sexy, young and beautiful sorbet.

My little popsicle molds – Lékué





Open the coconut (without playing Rambo in the jungle) and recover the juice and the flesh (because he knows how to handle big cutting tools. Anyway, he has a red bandana, and you don’t!).
Remove the pits from the blueberries… no, it’s to see if you were following. 😁


Place all the ingredients in a blender, starting with the coconut water if you have a classic blender, or ending with the liquid if you have a nutribullet. Without forgetting your mini piece of turmeric!


Blend until smooth.



Transfer the liquid obtained into a beaker or another container with a good pouring spout or, better, if you have one: a piston funnel.


Fill the popsicle molds, taking care not to exceed the control line because by freezing, the liquid swells and can come out of the molds, and you will have to clean your freezer for hours if you do not respect this rule. You’re welcome, lol.


Leave to set in the freezer for at least 4 hours.





IMG 2929 - Sexy, young and beautiful sorbet.

Blueberry-coconut sorbet






Nothing could be simpler to help unmold the popsicles: a little trickle of hot water on the mold and it comes on its own.


With this magnificent popsicle, I recommend a good fresh coconut juice to rehydrate you with pleasure and pleasure. Yes, I’m addicted, but your skin will be too!


Now all you have to do is take advantage of your blueberries’ good nutrients, alone or with friends. Here you are, ready for a fresh complexion bursting with youth and vitality.



XO 🥥🫐





IMG 2928 - Sexy, young and beautiful sorbet.

A magnificent fresh coconut opened with love (and wildness) by your faithful servant.


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