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Hello, young padawan



Yes, another recipe. FYI, there is some demand; the blog fan club is asking me, lol.


So, your faithful servant complies with the request for a simple recipe to make. This time, we’re going to do some fast, some “I don’t have time, but I don’t want to eat sh…”, even superman couldn’t go quicker!


No scales nor artifices, you will still need a little electricity, but I think you won’t mind 😉





Spring vegetable rice pan

For one serving. Wok recipe.


– A shallot
– 2 tbsp. olive oil
– A handful of shelled broad beans (fresh or frozen)
– A handful of gourmet peas (fresh or frozen)
– A handful of peas (fresh or frozen)
– 2 tsp. of turmeric powder
– A handful of pine nuts
– A clove of garlic (and a garlic press)
– A large handful of basmati rice
– 1 tbsp. of white miso
– 1 tsp. of vegetable broth
– A mustard glass of water (meaning a small glass, like 6 to 7 fl. oz)
– A handful of sprouted seeds of your choice (here I choose watercress)
– Pepper (no salt because broth and miso are usually already salty)
– Half a sliced and seasoned cucumber.






Place the pine nuts in a hot pan and toast them for a few seconds, stirring constantly. Be careful that they do not darken; they should be just golden. Set aside.


Cook the rice for 10 minutes in a large pan of boiling water. Drain and set aside.


Mince the shallot, and brown it for two minutes in a wok with the olive oil.


Add the gourmet peas, the peas, cook for 3 minutes, add the broad beans. Leave to cook for a minute (two minutes if the veggies were frozen). Add the turmeric, vegetable broth, white miso, water, pine nuts, pressed garlic clove, and cooked rice. Turn off the heat immediately, stir, taste, and season.






On a cute deep plate, arrange the pan-fried vegetables and rice and sprinkle with the rest of the juice remaining in the pan.


Add the handful of sprouted seeds, it’s pretty and it’s very good.



Serve with a small bowl containing the sliced and seasoned half cucumber for a fresh green touch. We are all green for this recipe, it’s spring, but I promise with all this green, you will not turn into Shrek; on the contrary, your skin will thank you.


(Ps: if you want to be a huge rebel you can add a cherry tomato cut in half for decoration: red on green #thuglife) 🤘🏻







IMG 2325 - Spring vegetable rice pan

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