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« Self-esteem depends on how you take care of yourself. »
Julia Cameron.






Hello, young Padawan



Everyone has one’s own way of taking care of oneself, but for some, this is a problem. So, should the others flog themselves naked with nettles, if they like to take more time in the bathroom to get ready?


Today we bounce back on the article of a fortnight ago and return to the temple of superficiality, a.k.a the world of beauty products. Even if they are small, colorful and/or perfumed, they have become, in our modern society, the work of the devil, Satan, 666. That’s good for me, I’m a metalhead, but what happens if you are a fan of Bruce Springsteen?


If you are a man who likes to spend time in the bathroom, you are a stupid boy, you are not manly for a penny, in short: go hide. If you are a woman, you are anti-feminist, an empty brain, you should be ashamed. This is basically what we hear when we talk about cosmetics on social networks. Hmmm! Social networks, this virtual trash that smells more than the one you have in your kitchen. Today indeed, we start from far away.


So to put things in context, we will have to do some history in this post. Let’s go back to “the caves time”, where we were naked in the woods, and we only had two words vocabulary to express ourselves: “hoo” and “hoomf”. However, I have the impression that we understood each other more at the time … hoomf!




This is not new

Body modifications have existed since the dawn of humanity. Archaeologists have discovered that the first humans painted their faces during ceremonies, rituals, wars … Other tribes, as for them, filed their canines or put on giant piercings (yes, there were punks at that time! ed), later they got tattoos (yes, tattoos were not invented by the guy who founded Harley Davidson, ed), a leap in time and we go to the Romans and the Egyptians, where body care and make-up were the most common and appreciated for these ladies and gentlemen, to arrive at the area of ​​Marie-Antoinette and her friends who whitened their faces with powders containing lead and other outfits of the sharpest fashion, without forgetting the wigs, then the 60s with the black liner or the smoky eye, finally the 80s and the gentlemen who liked to put on a cute smoked black pencil around the eyes, or a veil of color on the eyelid … Do I continue or did we understand the principle? Maybe you want to talk about the Mursi tribe and the trays they put in their lower lip? Let us think of that when we criticize the girl that has had a boob job or the boy who put collagen in his lips. Body modifications have been very common since the dawn of time.


Indeed, we did not wait to invent the smartphone to put colors on the face, ointments on the body, spacers in the earholes, sticks in the nose and make clothes or accessories. It’s ingrained in our genes, for both men and women.




A thousand weapons, one fight

Whether you like to take care of yourself or not, let’s stop judging each other. “He does his hair, she put makeup on, so they are superficial”. Odd, because getting ready was considered positive for a long time. Indeed, there was a time when if you were not dressed for success and glam from head to toe people saw you as an asshole, times change.


In this logic, I respect women who claim to be hairy as a feminist act, but I challenge those who say that waxing or leg shaving is not feminist.

Why? My fight is to be as rude as possible in my language, but hairless. An egg that has Tourette, in short. I nevertheless respect polite women, who are distinguished in their language and this, even if my fight is to punctuate all my sentences with “motherfucker”.

Hair or vulgarity is the same fight since it is also a social construction to be polite as a woman. Capisce?


Let us respect each other, and move forward together, each and everyone, hand in hand. Whether we spend three hours in the morning or 3 minutes getting ready, hairless or not, the main thing is to be in tune with ourselves and to respect others.




Take care of yourself, for more harmony with yourself and the others

« Take care of your body, for your soul to want to stay there. »
Mahatma Gandhi.


Everything is said, but I will add a little more, you know me now. This daily or bi-daily ritual is essential to be in tune with who you are. And it is important to be fine, in this society where we are judged for our smallest gestures. Who cares if we take a lot of time to get ready or not, that is our own business and that of no one else.


Taking care of yourself is not selfish, at all. Feeling well in your body helps you be fine in your head, and this condition is essential to be able to be there for others. Remember what is noted on airplanes: put on your oxygen mask first before helping the others to put on theirs because if you die of suffocation, you can’t help anyone.


To show oneself in its best light is also to have one less concern, one more confidence boost and therefore free spirit to find the arguments that will convince the world, for some. Get yourself ready and cute to get hired, to convince the banker or your sweetheart that you are the best deal, the best employee or the best guy possible (These examples are to be put in the right order, ed).


And we are not alone, but we just forgot it: The peacocks do the wheel, the flamingos dance, you put on after-shave or lipstick. We are all the same, with our differences.


So we don’t care what the neighbor does, except if he or she makes pancakes, there, we do have to go and negotiate.





You see, whether you are superficial or not, it’s great. Hoomf!


XO 💄


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In the center, a cloud took more time to get ready and reach the sea then the others. Corte, Corsica, France.

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