Nothing like a zest of warmth to enjoy winter.






Hello, young Padawan



The temperatures have cooled down, and you would like to have a good seasonal dessert but you are fed up with baked apples. Don’t worry, your faithful servant comes to the rescue, always ready to help.


Here’s today’s cute recipe with, of course, lots of beautiful and good spices to take care of your intestines and your immune defenses, without forgetting THE fruit of THE season…





It contains vitamin C, of course, but also vitamin A (a.k.a beta carotene, ed), vitamin E, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Rich in flavonoids, it provides an antioxidant role that helps fight against free radicals, therefore against aging of the skin and also some pathologies.
It is also excellent for bones because the carotenoids it contains will stimulate the production of bone cells and improve the absorption of calcium.




caramelized oranges

For two sevings


2 blood oranges
2 oranges
1 tsp. Maple syrup
1 tsp. vegetable butter without palm oil
A pinch of cinnamon
A pinch of powdered ginger
A pinch of vanilla
A star anise
A clove
A round of Madagascar pepper mill


Optional : Two scoops of vanilla ice cream





Cut one of the two oranges in half and juice it.
Add all the spices to the orange juice obtained, namely vanilla, cinnamon, powdered ginger, star anise, pepper, and the clove. Mix and set aside covered for at least 2 hours.


Remove the peel from the blood oranges and the remaining orange, separate them into wedges or supremes (wedges without the peel, pith, and skin, ed), set aside.


In a skillet over medium heat, put the vegetable butter, then the orange wedges flat avoiding that they overlap, and caramelize them for 2 minutes. Drizzle with the maple syrup, turn them over and continue cooking for another 2 min. Be careful, if you chose the “supreme” option, they are super fragile.


Pour the orange juice into the pan to deglaze, wait for it to warm up for one to two minutes and turn off the heat. You can also reduce the juice for a few minutes if you want a thicker one, but for that, I recommend removing the oranges before pouring the juice into the pan so that they don’t soften too much.





In a pretty bowl or ramekin, place the orange wedges with love and thoroughness so as not to break them, taking care to remove the clove beforehand (because if you have never crunched in a clove, try it and you will never forget them again! lol, ed). Well, you can leave the star anise for the decoration, I think the risk a dazed one crunches it is low, lol.


Add a few spoons of juice, and serve hot.


For a decadent dessert, add a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream in the center, and serve when it starts to melt. Bad dessert for a very bad Padawan, lol.


Small precision, I do not recommend zesting the orange to make it a decoration even if it is organic, because the skin and the orange peel are irritating for the intestine, which is, by the way, not the case of lemon (if organic). There, you know everything.







A cute winter dessert to feast on and warm up. Soft, sweet and spicy.

I stop there, you have groceries to buy 😉



XO 🍊





IMG 1131 scaled - Nothing like a zest of warmth to enjoy winter.

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