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Hello, young Padawan



In these uncertain times, we need superhero juice to regain a good mood and a smile, to hydrate ourselves after sport (even if you haven’t done any training before this smoothie, your body will be happy anyway), and add vitamins and iron to our systems.


Today we will make a green, full of strength, vitamins, micro-nutrients, and iron smoothie recipe to support our health and immune defenses.




Green smoothie

For one serving


1/3 cucumber (or 1/4 if it’s a large one) cut into large cubes
A handful of spinach leaves
1/3 banana
A handful of blueberries
1 tsp of spirulina
A small piece of ginger (to be determined according to our preference)
2/3 cup of coconut water (fresh coconut if possible!!)





In a blender, place all the ingredients:

If you have a classic blender, start with coconut water, then solid ingredients, and spirulina powder.

If you have a “nutribullet,” do the opposite: start with the solid ingredients and finish with the liquid and the spirulina powder.


Blend until there are no lumps and the texture is nice and smooth.





Arrange in a nice glass, add some fresh and/or dried fruits and oilseeds eventually, and enjoy this wonderful snack that will make you strong like a Green Giant!!






Here we are; simple but effective! You can have this little smoothie every day; I promise you won’t pee green afterward.


But you can also let your own imagination, always respecting a simple rule if you want it to be effective for your health without overloading your liver with sugars: always put more vegetables than fruits, and it will be fine.



XO 🥒




IMG 2465 - The champions' smoothie

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