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Hello, young Padawan


One more! Let’s stay in the editorial line that makes you happy because, in these particular times, I understand that you want to cook a little for your tribe, whether it is an individual or a fifteen people one. Yes, alone, you can make a great team too, as long as you are respecting all facets of yourself, and that you are in consensus.


Let’s go, but I warn you immediately so that you are not disappointed: next week, no recipe! Yes, I do my dictator, but you are a little customary from now on, and I am not talking about this blog. But if I hear your complaints here or on Instagram … you know that your faithful servant has a tender heart and that she will succumb to your sweet eyes.


Today we’re going to do something with a pan again because when I am asked for an easy-quick recipe, I assume that not everyone is likely to have an oven, for example … So to cook with a steamer or a frying pan, it is not expensive tools, and one can always find something to tinker with. An old couscous maker, a camping stove, and voila, you see the ingeniosity of the student in a MacGyver mode?





Brown rice

Being mainly vegan, I cannot systematically eat brown rice because I already having too much fiber in my food intake, I would risk having some inconvenience (Do you want a drawing? You see the cow in the meadow, pooping all the time? I don’t tell you more, ed). However, I incorporate brown rice very regularly for my body to have its benefits, namely proteins, mineral rate (calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesiéum), and low glycemic index.


For those who might have a doubt: rice, whether it is brown or white, is gluten-free. It is, therefore, suitable for celiacs or intolerant.


Finally, whole grain rice is rich in vitamin B9, which is useful to be able to use the brain, have beautiful hair, nails, help the production of red blood cells that transport oxygen in the blood, the good formation of new cells everywhere in your body, the maintenance of the digestive and sexual organs (… and there is no longer brown rice in stores tomorrow, lol), the proper functioning and stimulation of the nervous and immune systems, and better skin healing in case cut or injury. Yep, the B9 definitely plays in the big leagues.




Vegetable pan in the colors of spring (in the mountains at least)

For 2-3 servings


3/4 cup of whole-grain rice
3 handfuls of frozen shelled beans
3 handfuls of peas (or the vegetables you have left in the fridge)
A packet of tofu grill sausage (Or any veggie sausages that you like, or any other block of smoked tofu that you can find).
3 spring onions (or 4 shallots will do. Look at the bottom of the freezer if you can add a pinch of chives in this case…)
6 sprigs of parsley (or frozen parsley)
½ lemon
1 tbsp olive oil
Madagascar pepper






If you use already cooked peas that are wisely waiting in the fridge, we’re good.
If you have brought fresh peas from the market: shell the peas, rinse them, and place them in the steam basket of a steam cooker for 5 min, if they are frozen: count 6 or 7 min. Set aside.


If you use fresh lima beans from the market, I give you the preparation process in the recipe from last week that you can find here. I reiterate: to do at least once, to meditate on the meaning of life, lol.


Cut the vegetable sausages into small slices. Finely chop the parsley, cut the spring onions into thin rings.


Rinse the brown rice using a strainer, and boil a large volume of water. Pour the rice into the boiling water without burning yourself (watch out for splashes) and cook it for the time indicated on your package (usually around twenty minutes) regularly taste, stop cooking and drain it when it is al dente. Set aside.


In a hot wok, pour the olive oil and brown the slices of vegetable sausages over medium heat for 4-5 min. Add the lima beans, stir, cook for one minute still on medium heat, then pour the spring onions, the peas and turn off the heat. Add the rice, parsley, the juice of half a lemon, Madagascar pepper, and mix. The vegetable sausages used for this recipe are already salted, but I let you adjust the seasoning to your liking …


This recipe can be eaten hot or cold. Your faithful servant prefers it hot. 🤘🏻






In your most beautiful large bowl (like those all colorful that you have from Ikea. You never knew what to do with it! ed), deep plate or Vietnamese bowl, pour a few spoons of this magnificent vegetable pan made in less time than it takes to write it. Add a sprig of parsley or a lemon wedge for decoration, and voila.


I find that this recipe goes particularly well with a good Belgian white beer and its lemon slice (yes here, we like lemon, ed), or a fresh homemade lemonade (A glass of freshwater, the juice of a quarter of a lemon and 4 mint leaves).


Even without an exterior, you can have a holiday spirit. Open the window wide, place a carpet or two bath sheets on the floor and a few cushions so as not to hurt your ass, and have everything on the floor in picnic mode, with a few cashews or peanuts to snack on before your meal. Some funny board games like “Uno” or “Cards against humanity”, holiday spirit guaranteed, even in a small space.






I hope to have given you some ideas on these three weeks in “tinker-cooking” mode and especially to transmit my good mood and joie de vivre through this blog if it happens you have a cloud above your head, which is hard to dissipate. However, never forget that after the rain, the good weather.


While humans are stored in their caverns, the birds here have never sung so much, it’s a real “union meeting”, lol. Cacophony, hubbub, hustle and bustle. It bickers for a place on the branch on the tree or for something on the ground. I have never seen so many bees either for at least 10 years and, at the beginning of the afternoon, to the great miracle: a cute lemon-yellow butterfly! I hadn’t seen one since my childhood, that’s to say (yes, it’s a bit far, hum! ed). So now I watch my window regularly, just to spot deer or hinds, we never know, lol. FYI, I’m in live in a city, huh, so it was a joke. In any case, if I see one, I promise you I will take a pic, which will allow me to check that I am not drunk.


That’s it, that’s all for this beautiful afternoon, that I wish you full of harmony, joy, pleasant and serene moments.





“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
Albus Dumbledore.




XO 🍃




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