The importance of being consistant.






Hello, young Padawan



Here’s the topic of the day: Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by everyday life, by your moods and those of others. It can be learned, and when we master this art, it does us the greatest good.


So this morning, you are going to get up after doing your five minutes of active positive thinking as I told you about in a previous post (do you remember? !!) and then you are going to go to work, or on holidays, or at step mom’s … Nah I’m kidding! You were scared eh? !! Haha.


And there, a plethora of things will happen to you. Great stuff, I wish. You may meet someone great, or you will go home in the evening to a clean house where you will smell the sweet smell of your favorite dish (and your partner… naked under his apron, I share my personal fantasy with you, lol, ed); but, it can be also less cool stuff, maybe a dog will pee on your shoes, thinking you were a floor lamp (I already told you to take it easy on the neon jumpsuit and neon sneakers!) or that you will be shouted at by a motorist who has argued himself with his boss, who has argued with his wife, who has argued with his mother, who is herself arguing with her neighbor, who argued with her cat.


But the negativity of your day shouldn’t affect you more than that.




The butterfly effect

Your mood must remain as stable as a good Buddha who took a nap, or as Master Yoda, if you too are a fan.


Because if you start your day with positive things but you end it with something less cool stuff, and you let these negative waves penetrate your fertile little brain (neither porn, nor science, ed), you will go to bed thinking that you had a fucking shitty day, while yet, objectively speaking, it’s not true:


Let’s say that beautiful morning, the sun has just risen, your kid drew you a super cool drawing before going to school, that your sweetheart told you that you are super sexy in this shirt, that for once there was not too much traffic on the road, that your colleague asks you what you are doing to have such a pretty skin right now, that your boss is in a good mood too and tells you some jokes, and that once the day’s work is over, after reading a text from babe telling you that she would like to take off this pretty shirt or yours herself, she specifies with her teeth, you realize that you just need to move quickly to the nearest store for some groceries. Just a 30-minute shot.
Let’s admit that when you were patiently waiting for a parking spot and then, an asshole steals it from you; that by looking for another spot, disturbed, you do not see another motorist who had priority and you are being honked heavily, that you finally find a spot but it’s starting to rain, that you finally arrive in the grocery store where you discover a queue of hell, besides you are there, in hell. Enough is enough, and that kid screaming in line, and they didn’t have your brand of jam anymore so you got another one but you’re pretty sure it’s gonna be gross, and the cashier is not friendly… and … and … and finally you go home and you’re in the mood for nothing, you start arguing with your chick (or your guy, ed), you even yell at her because of this stupid overnight child-care during the week by stepmom who will for sure put it in your teeth at the next opportunity, in jab mode … agh !!!


For the romantic evening with Madame, it’s fucked up (well not at all, precisely). While yet you had a wonderful day. Yes, for sure. Read again, you will see. It was only 30 minutes.

You, your girl, your kid are alive, you have everything to be happy, except for one detail: Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by everyday life, by your own moods and those of others.




One word: relativize

Always put things into perspective, and even in extreme cases. No matter what happens to you, your life is great, and no one nor any event should take you off this course.


Are you fired? It’s an opportunity to finally leave this firm that has been making you depressed for years, the change is now, the challenge is exciting.


Are you sick? It’s your body that speaks to you, that alerts you to finally take care of yourself. So pamper yourself properly, put all the assets on your side: sport, nutrition, yoga, meditation… help your doctor and the pills. You and your body are a team. Believe in yourself, as long as there is life you have to fight for it and keep hope.


Can’t you pay that bill this month? Call the creditor and offer them a scheduled solution.


Do you no longer bear some people around you? Do some cleanse. Don’t force yourself into harmful relationships. Try an honest conversation, and if that doesn’t work out, use the “Goodbye! ” method. You can’t please everyone, you know that, but between knowing and acting… Act! It’s time.


It’s not selfishness, it’s taking care of yourself. It’s part of the package. Anytime you are concern about something, sit down and take a step back. Think about the possible solutions. If necessary, write it in the form of a table: two left-right boxes, with on the left what you have to face, and on the right the solutions that you can propose. There is no problem, there are only solutions. As simple as that. The less time you spend moping, the more you’ll spend appreciating the beauty of your life.





You don’t even imagine the power of your mindset yet. The more we condition ourselves to the positive, to goodness and benevolence, the more love we radiate around us, and the more people give it back to us. It’s not magic, it’s just contagious.


So this winter, rather than catching the flu, catch happiness! You’ll see, it’s nicer. Life is short, you only have one, you have to be happy, you owe it to yourself, you are worth it, you deserve it.


So smile, for fuck sake.

Ah! I saw you! You’re smiling!!!!


Namaste, my dear Padawan





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