To be positive from day to night



“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde.







Hello, young Padawan


This is a great title, isn’t it? But what if it was possible?
What if I tell you that for about 15 years, I wake up every day with a smile, happiness, love, and kindness in the heart, wishing the best for everyone, as well as for myself?


But how do we do that?


It may seem simple for some, difficult for others, or an inaccessible dream for some, but I guarantee it, you don’t have to be a superman to achieve it. It is even quite the opposite. It suffices to allow yourself 5 minutes in the morning, before getting up, and 5 minutes in the evening, before sleeping.


One keyword: LOVE.

I am talking about self-love, but you are in your bed, you do what you want 😉




The morning

I invite you, when you wake up, to make yourself comfortable in the position of your choice, for example sitting with your eyes closed, to breathe calmly and deeply, and to do this little work with me:


Relax, breathe five times deeply, slowly.
First of all, think about the negative people around you.
For example, that co-worker who annoys you, or that person who disrespected you recently. Visualize their face for a few seconds, and wish them all the happiness in the world, the best for their life, wish yourself the best, too, give this memory all the love you can. Truly.


Now visualize your physical or mental complexes, this stress that you cannot get rid of, this courage that you lack, this desire to eat more than necessary that you cannot control, this face, these hips , these shoulders, this chest, these pecs, or these legs, visualize them one by one, bringing them all your love, all your kindness, think about it and put it into perspective as if you were your best friend who told you that you are going succeed … in not taking another slice of pizza, that you will succeed … in staying calm, that you will … achieve your goals because you have this strength in you, that face … is beautiful, that these hips … yes, they are feminine, these shoulders … are elegant, this chest … has charm, these pecs … are cute as they are, these legs … are all the same attractive. And bring all your love to it. For each complex, its dose of love, its dose of benevolence. Smile.


Then think about these uncomfortable moments in life, these failures, this anger you feel sometimes, that shame that you had, bring it all your benevolence: we learn from our mistakes, we laugh at our shameful memories, you are perfectly imperfect and that is what makes all your charm, we all have flaws, that’s what makes us unique, and charm is sexy. So smile, sexy you …


Now think of a quality, physical or mental that you appreciate about yourself, consider it, and congratulate yourself … for being a good cook, for having a pretty nose or beautiful eyes, for being honest, for being kind, or good at math, to have patience, just select quality of your choice and think about it with love. Be proud and happy as a kid who opens his presents at Christmas about it.


Visualize the person or thing that puts the most love in your little heart. It can be what you want or who you want. Your spouse, your child, your best friend, yourself, your dog or your cat, even your favorite pizza lol, your favorite video game, or movie, in short, you get it. Concentrate at least 30 seconds on this love, fill your heart with it, flood yourself with love and benevolence. It must be so strong that you must naturally smile at it, like a cute happy baby.


Then think of a happy memory. The little one’s first birthday, the day you made a success of your curry dish and all the guests congratulated you as if you were Gordon Ramsay, this time at the restaurant where your best friend spilled his plate on his knees and that all the room burst out laughing and you almost peed your pants, or think on your wedding day, the day you graduated, that mountain hike that you managed to finish when you thought you couldn’t, or the time your wife said for the first time that she loves you … Select a memory, let it invade you, think about it very hard.
Bring all your love to this memory.


Now think about one thing, only one, that you want to achieve in your life, and promise yourself that you will do everything you can to make it happen. Take something to write down and start making a list of ideas for achieving this success. You can do it. You will give yourself the means.


Give yourself another 30 seconds, close your eyes to visualize very strongly that you have succeeded in this project, feel this pride, and let this happiness invade you. Waw this pride, this happiness! Open your eyes.


Get up, your day begins, it will be great, even exceptional because you have decided it, and you have all the good vibes for it.




The night

In your bed, before going to sleep, take 5 minutes to read the list of ideas for your goal you did in the morning, to bring new ideas to this project.

Just fall asleep, thinking very intensely about the following thing: “your goal has been reached”.
You can dream that you succeeded, that you got that job you dream of, you had the courage to tell Brenda that you love her, you lost 30lbs and you go shopping, you graduated, you gained 20lbs of muscle and looks like a Greek statue, you finished your marathon, you succeeded, that’s it, fall asleep on this goal-dream-memory, curtain down.




It’s weird but it works

The next morning, start this little exercise of love and kindness again, on yourself, on the others who may have annoyed you yesterday, or with whom you behaved inappropriately, whom you may have hurt, those who hurt you, bring them all your love, all your kindness; smile, breathe, you are alive, you are happy, everything is well, a wonderful day begins, your life is beautiful or will soon be beautiful because you are on the way to make your project a success, I remind you, and today will be fantastic.


The more you repeat this exercise when you get up and at bedtime, the more you will be positive, for yourself, for others, the more you will have confidence in yourself, the more you will feel strong; and see only the positive, and surround yourself with authentic people, and be attentive only to benevolence.
The brain is selective, so it’s up to us to put it in the right direction, to tell it what we want to see.
Because the world is as we want to see it, altruism attracts benevolence, the positive brings joy and authenticity calls for sincerity.


There is no risk in being genuine, in being true, in being kind, because we develop a strength that nothing can reach except love, joy, and peace. So, of course, you can be cheated, hurt, humiliated, so what? Everyone has their share. It’s up to you to decide what to keep in your heart because if you decide to be negative you pollute yourself, not the others. If you place yourself as a victim, it’s you that will weaken.


Whereas if you decide to forgive, to move on because the best is yet to come, you will feel lighter, at peace, and available to accomplish what you want.




And the good news in all of this: it’s contagious, it’s even viral! The more you think in this direction and the more you will attract people like you. So don’t be afraid to have positive values anymore, they are the ones that really move the world and make humanity stronger.


True intelligence is benevolence.


And it works. Really. So, test it, what are you risking?
You will come out stronger, and grown.




Namaste, cutie. 🌎



IMG 0272 - To be positive from day to night


Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, MI, USA.

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