Time for biting some peaches is now or never






Hello, young Padawan



Whether you’re on vacation or at work, occasionally finishing your meal with a good dessert is very nice, even if you’re single (Indeed! ed).


Even if it’s not the roast pineapple season, you can always cook some ripe peaches!


We are going to prepare a wonderful dessert today, which takes only 5 minutes to achieve, with two options, a balanced one you can have in your lunch or dinner routine of the week, and one for gourmet weekends or romantic dinner.




Peaches … beautiful skin or Olympic form?

Both, my general!


Beautiful, healthy and energetic — just reading this program, I am delighted!


The peach is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B, beta carotene and contains fiber. Vitamin C maintains an Olympic energy, fiber reduces the risk of colon cancer.


Do I need to remind you what antioxidants are useful for? At the sight of the two who have fallen asleep at the back of the room, let’s say yes: Antioxidants help prevent the oxidation of “bad cholesterol” (LDL, low-density lipoprotein), and therefore contribute to the maintenance of good cardiovascular health. They also play a vital role in the health of the skin. It’s impossible to have a fresh complexion without consuming it every day. Add to that vitamin B, C, beta carotene and one has the greatest combo for a peachy skin, literally!






IMG 6175 - Time for biting some peaches is now or never

“week” dessert version, but not less delicious!




Roasted peaches with Madagascar vanilla

For two servings


2 beautiful ripe peaches
1 tbsp of coconut sugar
1 tbsp of vegetable butter (margarine) without palm oil
2 generous pinches of vanilla powder from Madagascar
1 tbsp of rum
6 mint leaves
*Greedy Option:
8 hazelnuts
2 speculoos or cookies of your choice




*If you decide to make the greedy option: Using a cutting board and a flat knife, roughly crush the hazelnuts. Roast them for a few seconds in a hot frying pan, remove them when they begin to brown. set aside.

Roughly break the speculoos to obtain pieces of biscuits of different sizes. Set aside.


Using a cutting board and a sharp knife, cut the peaches in half, then each piece obtained in three or four slices according to the desired thickness. For the “kernel side”: make the cuts, then roll on themselves the last two slices where the kernel is, it should be detached from one of the two. Gently squeeze the last slice that is stick to the core, all around it, to gently peel it off. You succeed ? You just have won the 2019th award for the “Great Wise with Steel Nerves”. Bravo.


Melt the vegetable butter in a skillet over medium-high heat. When it is almost melted, add sugar and vanilla. Mix gently for one minute. When the mixture is melted, add the peach slices and turn once after 30 seconds of cooking.


Add the rum and flambé if you are comfortable with this gesture, if not don’t worry, alcohol goes away with cooking (as long as you don’t drink the rum straight from the bottle, ed). Cut the fire after 30 seconds or when the rum has finished flaming.





In your most beautiful small plate or small flared bowl, arrange the roasted peach slices with love, style and beauty, ending with the “slices with holes”, so that it will be prettier.


*For the gourmet option: sprinkle with crushed hazelnuts and pieces of speculoos.


Then add a few mint leaves, chopped or not, according to your preference, and drizzle with the cooking juice (you can add a teaspoon of hot water in the pan and mix, if you do not have enough sauce, ed). Serve immediately, as long as it is still hot.




Here you are, ready to impress your loved ones in grand chef mode, or your sweetheart for a romantic dinner, all in two minutes of preparation and three minutes of cooking. If you know other “how to pick somebody” plans that are as effective with this timing, please tell us all your Don Juan tips in comments.


In the meantime I wish you a wonderful summer, and see you, as usual, next Friday.


Peachy hugs! 🍑





Sources : Dietary intake of fruits and vegetables and risk of cardiovascular disease.


IMG 6190 - Time for biting some peaches is now or never

Yes I know, you are running everywhere in your living room at the sight of this plate.

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