Are you ready to blush for a Gazpachelon?





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As a cocktail, a snack or cold soup for a great starter, it’s up to you, but for sure you will turn three times in your panties without touching the elastics by tasting this great recipe – what do I say, this “majestic” gazpacho recipe made from watermelon. We can call it a “Gazpachelon”, what do you think? Yes, I like humor and puns. Do not roll your eyes, at least not now because with what is coming … Whatever, I would have warned you.


It’s not going to be just about relaxing with friends for a little fresh cocktail, or feasting on a tasty and vitaminized soup; you know that we combine well-being and benefits on this blog. So, just for you to know, savoring this delicious juice, you will work on the health and beauty of your skin.


Are you ready for the cashier to say “Hi kid” to you again? Hang on tight, let’s go — time to continue our series of fruits and vegetables by color, today focusing on red.



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Me? Childish?? Not at all. More seriously, between pepper and tomato: should we see an allegory? 😁




Tomato and watermelon, allies for your skin

In addition to their vitamins and minerals, we will focus on a particularly beneficial hydrocarbon for the skin, namely lycopene. But what is it?


We talked about it a little in my article about sunscreens, but here’s the definition of the buddy Wiki: “Lycopene is a tetraterpene of the carotenoid family, specifically from carotenes. It is a fat-soluble red pigment that is found mainly in tomato but also other red fruits (such as watermelon).” (Source: Wikipedia.)


Lycopene has been effectively proven in fighting acne and pimples, and beta carotene will bring to your skin the lovely complexion of a shy pink baby ass, and a hell of a charisma! And together, they will help your skin prepare for the sun. What more can we ask for? Lycopene also contributes to cardiovascular health and plays a role in the prevention of certain cancers, including prostate cancer.


So certainly, for tomatoes, there is more lycopene in a cooked tomato than in a raw one (which will have as much lycopene as the watermelon), but fewer vitamins. However, the skin needs vitamins, so in this recipe, I chose to leave it raw. Do you follow me? Nevertheless, if you are prone to acne, know that regularly consuming some ketchup, tomato sauce (preferably homemade) or cooked tomatoes, in general, will help your skin to clarify its complexion.


Tomato and watermelon are also full of vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9 (especially for tomatoes), but also contain magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium (especially for tomatoes too).






Note: this recipe requires a juice extractor or slow juicer. “blah blah, it is expensive?” Once you have bought one, you will not be able to live without its beneficial effects on yourself. That’s a better investment than a tv.


For one serving


– A medium ripe tomato (pee pee is not required)
– A red and juicy slice of watermelon (about 3 or 4 phalanges wide) with its skin, if it is organic
– A thumbnail of fresh ginger (without cutting the thumb, you’ll probably need it again one day)
– Four phalanges wide of celery branch. Side of the stem, without the leaves if you want to keep a very red juice, because the green leaves will make your juice brown, but the taste will be the same, FYI. Keep a celery branch with cute leaves for decoration.
– 6 beautiful basil leaves
– 3 rounds of Madagascar pepper mill
– 4 ice cubes
– A reusable straw
– A big glass or Mason Jar





Cut the tomatoes into wedges, the watermelon into long pieces, with the skin if it is organic, and the celery into large chunks.


Put all the ingredients into the extractor, starting with basil and ginger then celery, tomato, and watermelon. Pour the juice into a large tasting glass. Add the fresh pepper, the ice cubes, stir with a straw and finish with the final touch: the nice celery branch for decoration.


Your juice looks good, you’re going to be the sexiest, AND the most beautiful, everyone will faint when they see you, especially if you do not put on deodorant.







You can have some slices of toasted bread, scraped with garlic, and spread tapenade on it to accompany your juice. The french touch. Paradise is not far away.

And yes, as a drink it is possible to put a bit of vodka for an explosive cocktail, but I didn’t say anything!




Summer greetings 🥤


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I really do not see why your eyes would stop on something in particular … absolutely not!

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