Did MacGyver have five engineering degrees? Or the responsibility for dummies.





« Responsibility finds a way. Irresponsibility makes excuses! »
Gene Bedley





Hello, young Padawan



Today, it is philosophy time and we are going to develop an already discussed topic: responsibility.


In this article, we will ask ourselves whether we need to be an expert to open our mouths, or does the analysis of a scientist is more credible than Ms. Brenda Simpson’s, 1210 E 9 mile rd, retired saleswoman…




For or against, or both

The human being has shared his knowledge between generations since the dawn of time, that’s what made us evolve from a big standing monkey scratching his butt to a … “shaven” big standing monkey scratching his butt. Three hundred thousand years of evolution, impressive progress! #joke


The wealth of sharing between generations is invaluable, especially thanks to the family and societal education we have received. Indeed, it is, for example, thanks to daddy-mamma that you know that the fire burns without even having to put your head in the fireplace (Some have tried. You know, these are the ones who, adult, do not put on their turn signal to turn or double, ed).


Nowadays, the internet opens up a new inexhaustible way of knowledge. We can develop passions in all areas, even those that were not within reach before. If you want to know about history, nuclear physics, foreign languages, geography, maths, astrophysics, cooking, make-up, DIY, gardening, anything is possible; Youtube is full of tutorial videos of all kinds.


This allows us to get out of the educational and conventional thinking. Indeed, an analysis by a person who has not gone through traditional training can advance the debate differently, offer us a new angle of reflection.


But there are some fails. Indeed, the internet is a huge source of errors; a lot of information is incomplete, distorted, even erroneous. When it comes to painting or gardening, it’s not very serious, but on topics like health or science, it probably is a little more problematic, except that …




Our responsibility

Would it not be up to us to be responsible for the reception of the information that we are catching, to us to sort them, to us to do our own research to make a wise and enlightened opinion?


Deciding not taking everything for granted is an excellent exercise, at a time when many of us are thinking that TV news is information. This is not since it is a partial point of view aimed at serving a dominant opinion. But who knows, maybe all this misinformation on youtube and the internet will be able to shape us a real free will, and lead us out of conventional thinking to (finally) stand back from it.


Even on proven and approved by the finest scientists’ topics: between what we read, what we understand, what think we have understood, what we refuse to hear and the synthesis we make, with its lot of errors and misunderstanding, we are in any case doomed to have a minimum of loss information.


We can accuse the others of all the evils; the fact remains that the only responsible for our actions is ourselves. One can even say, for example, that the doctor who prescribed this treatment, rather than healing you gave you monumental diarrhea, did not put a gun on your temple to swallow the pills. You chose to take them (and stop when we could follow your footprints, ed). This little flawed example pushed to its climax (but do not push too hard, it will remind you of bad memories, ed) to make you understand my point of view: It’s not because someone gave you a piece of information that you have no responsibility. You have the responsibility to have believed it, without checking, like a good moron. That’s why, among other things, I always put the bibliography under my “a bit hardcore” articles, so that you can make your own opinion, your research, and what I always encourage everyone, me first: to check the sources.


Information is never the truth; it is only a point of view influenced by the cultural, educational, and emotional background of the individual who peddles it — even professional. Everything is biased, simply because we are human, and I will try to seduce you with my poop jokes so that you think like me (did it worked? Was it a shitty idea? ed).




Victimization, the evil of the century?

Everything is so much simpler by putting oneself in the role of the victim: “I saw something on the internet, and it did not work for me, so it’s his fault.” Except that this positioning prevents you from moving forward, and especially from evolving. Self-victimization is the number one enemy of taking a step back from a situation — the antithesis of wisdom.


That’s why I find it hard to hear: “Oh, did you saw that one, she gave us a homemade face mask recipe with cinnamon, there were a lot of people who had redness on their faces because of her.” I do not agree. What I understand from this experience is: “There are plenty of dumbass who have taken the risk of applying a homemade mask on the face without doing a test on their forearm or read about the active ingredients used, and allow themselves to blame someone else. ” Today, these idiots are rotting internet communities or who wants to waste time listening to them #sarcasm.


Remember that a few thousand years ago, it was called “natural selection.” Formerly, as homo-sapiens built to live naked in the woods (you missed it, didn’t you ?!) after the mini-training given by dad-mom-and the tribe, we were surrendered to our own experiments, sometimes (often) at the risk of our lives (ps: do not touch the white mushrooms with red polka dots, ed). Building one’s own base of knowledge and experience allows us to move forward. Better: to evolve.




Take our responsibilities to hold a happy life

Responsibility. This thing that is slowly being taken away from us in our societies, decades after decades, making us look more and more like eternal big weeping children/teens. But life is not like that.


Our so modern evolution, so “at the forefront of technology”; We owe it to a bunch of crazies who took risks certainly but also their responsibilities, who shared their positive or negative results with their congeners. Without that, we would not be where we are today. “But, everything is not perfect?” You bet! Wait, do not move, we are going on this road …


So I’m not going to tell you that blogs, youtube, Instagram, and Co are the rise of 2.0 human evolution, let’s calm down, but it helps …
Just never forget that everyone on the web as his little time, from Einstein to the Idiot of the village, and it is up to you and you only to sort them. Just as before when you were looking for something to eat, crawling in the woods, and a congener told you that you could eat this mushroom. It’s up to you to take responsibility for eating it or waiting to be faced with a food you know.


It’s up to you to feed yourself with what makes you stronger, more armed, smarter, more positive, and less interested in unhealthy content for your well-being and your brainpower.









Sharing is our most intrinsic essence. So I say yes to the guy’s youtube videos in his attic and other wacky websites. Our opinions, our discoveries, our tips; let’s move together rather than against each other. Let us never forget that it is mutual aid that has allowed our evolution and that it is thanks to the sharing of information that we are here today.


It remains to know where we want to go now, and take the responsibility to move in that direction. What you do today, what you learn, determines what you will be tomorrow — a word to the wise.


See you tomorrow.






Ps: Nah, no article tomorrow, try to follow a little! 😁

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