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If there’s one museum I love in the U.S.A., it’s the Detroit Institute of Arts, which, as its name suggests, is in Detroit. Until then, you follow me.


Eclectic, well-presented, beautiful building, and qualitative, this museum is definitely worth the detour. As usual, I will present it to you by revealing it at least; it would be too bad to spoil the suspense. Here is the famous D.I.A., a great source of pride for Detroiters and other Michiganders*.





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The Detroit Institue of Arts

As you probably know, the U.S.A. and France have a great history and proximity. In addition, Michigan is a former French territory from the time of Lafayette. I’ll let you take a look here, where I talk a little more about it, an article on the former “Île aux Cochons” in Detroit.


Like many former French territories that have remained in love with our beautiful and great culture – yes, yes, let’s not be afraid – we often find, here and there, a street name, a statue of Lafayette, numerous references to France provided to have our eyes open, and, in front of the D.I.A., we come across yet another nod to France: a reproduction of the thinker by Auguste Rodin, whose original modeling (since there have been several, ed ) is located at the Rodin Museum, in Paris.




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I find the D.I.A building particularly magnificent, on a beautiful square, beautifully lit when night falls, you want to venture into this museum.



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There are some works outside the museum, on the square, everywhere, so it is interesting to walk around the building.



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Inside the museum, there is a souvenir shop and a café-restaurant in an absolutely fabulous decor:



IMG 7453 - Welcome to the D.I.A.



When I went there for the third time, there was an exhibition on Monet, so by presenting some paintings here, I am not spoiling the current exhibition for you, even if France, particularly Paris, is still in the spotlight. The exhibition’s theme is Parisian post-cubism, from 1918 to 1948; you can see it until January 7. There, we find Matisse, Dufy, Léger, and American, German, and Russian artists, etc.


For the curious who want to visit this sublime museum, here is the D.I.A website where you will find details, program, addresses, etc. But for now, it’s time for Monet. And if, by any chance, you’re looking for a fabulous hotel a few minutes’ walk away, I’ll let you see my article here.



IMG 7454 - Welcome to the D.I.A.



IMG 7445 - Welcome to the D.I.A.



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I don’t want to spoil all the surprises of this superb museum, but I can’t help showing something for the youngest, making all generations wish to visit it (more information on this work here, ed):



cheval - Welcome to the D.I.A.

Officer of the Hussars, Kehinde Wiley, 2007. Oil on canvas. Photo credit: Deadline Detroit.






I hope I have given you a furious desire to discover each room, each painting, but also each sculpture, and, more generally, each treasure that this beautiful American museum is full of, well managed, well maintained, and whose exhibitions are all more each sublime than the other.


I wish you a great weekend, and see you next Thursday for new adventures!



XO 🎨






* Here is a little culture on the why and the how between “Michiganians” and “Michiganders,” ed.


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