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When the weeks are (too) long, knowing how to relax a little on the weekend is essential. And for that, what could be better than a simple and relaxing recipe, like a good hot chocolate? And yes, today, we’re going to get cozy, in autumn mode, blanket, book, a good hot drink, and we’re going to clear our brains for an hour.


Especially since I received a very appropriate object as a gift: a milk frother. I already had a foamer, but here we are in the high standard, lol. It’s the famous milk frother from Lidl, which makes your hot chocolate, and then you pour a bit of milk again, making your foam. This stuff is phenomenal. You can choose other options, like cold or hot milk, with a lot of foam, not or little foam, directly without doing it in two steps (but it’s better in two steps). In short, I love it. Here is the one I had, which I was satisfied with and will continue to use for other preparations, and here is my new toy, which I have already adopted, to my greatest happiness. Thank you to the person who recognizes himself as an official “Sunday doc’aperitifs” member at your faithful servant’s place.


If you don’t have one, you can absolutely do without it for this recipe, and possibly get it as a gift for Christmas, for example. Far be it from me to encourage consumption, you know me, but I admit that aesthetically, the result is rather attractive.


Let’s go.





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Relaxing hot chocolate, digestive comfort.

For one mug


1 + 1/4 cup of organic whole farm milk (or oats)

1 tsp of raw organic cocoa powder + 1 pinch

1/2 tsp cinnamon

A pinch of Espelette pepper

A round of Madagascar black pepper mill




Recipe and presentation

In a saucepan (or in a device intended for this purpose!), pour the milk (1 cup) and the spices, namely, raw cocoa (1 tsp), cinnamon, pepper, and chili. Heat until simmering, then turn off the heat.


Note: If you use raw farm milk, you will need to boil it (then add the spices and cocoa afterward and bring it to a simmer again) — but I assume you know the process.


In your most beautiful glass cup, mug, or latte glass, preferably transparent, to see the beauty of your drink, pour the hot milk with love, glory, beauty, and above all, without burning yourself.


Pour a little cow’s or oat milk into the bottom of a glass (or into a device… you know the song!), immerse the milk frother in it, and develop your finest foam. Pour it over the hot chocolate, sprinkle a pinch of raw cocoa using a small tea strainer, add a straw, and enjoy.




With that, if you don’t relax your head and chakras, this blog is no longer called Chill by Caro because we definitely know about chilling here! I wish you a good relaxation, and I’ll see you next Friday for new adventures.



XO 🌶️





IMG 6827 scaled - When a break is needed.


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