Wrinkled, floury but fabulous!




“Though you can easily count the seeds in an apple; it’s impossible to count the apples in a seed”.








Hello, young Padawan



It was Tuesday, 9th. 40 years old.


Not more wrinkles than the day before, not more white hair either, everything is fine, everything holds together, lol. I was told in the week that our 40’s is the new 30’s and that a french humorist, Florence Foresti, said in one of her skits that it’s like a second teenage crisis, but with a wallet, lol.


For my part, after a melancholy but philosophical moment on the passing years, I concluded that at least I was using my time moping about time passing, the more I would enjoy life. Forward, then.


Forward, but not just any old way. In vitamins, minerals, well-being and in the best health possible. For today, we’ll have a cute dessert or snack recipe made from fruit, and raw, to keep all the vitamins. So let’s bounce back from last week’s article.




Apple Passion

From October to March, it is the apple season. It is during this period that they are the best because afterward, they start to be floury and especially to lose their nutritional qualities in terms of vitamins. It is, therefore, preferable to take an interest in other natural treasures from April and then come back in October.


Rich in fiber and antioxidants, it is especially pectin that stands out apples from the large fruit family to help your health capital (elimination of toxins from the liver, fight against free radicals, all that, ed). It also contains polyphenols, a super antioxidant that helps you fight against free radicals, but also against cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Apple is finally the best friend of your gallbladder, your bladder, your gums, and your teeth. Great!


This recipe could have been a humorous nod to last week’s article – with the paragraph about magnesium sulfate, all that stuff, lol – but no, it’s just that, without any transition, I still had a few apples from my mono-diet, that for months I wanted to share with you my famous applesauce recipe which is always a huge success (in all modesty as you can see, ed) and that if you want to have the time to make this recipe in your turn, do not delay, because they are already starting to be a bit wrinkled and floury. No, not the forty-year-old, my dear, the apples.





Raw applesauce

For one serving


This recipe requires a blender, or mini chopper, to crush the apple pieces.


An organic apple
Two pinch of vanilla
Two pinch of cinnamon
A few drops of lemon (3-4 drops)


For the infusion :
1/4 cup of water
Three cardamoms
Two cloves


For the decoration : You can add a few pieces of nuts and dark chocolate chips but shhh! I didn’t tell you anything. For a perfect snack? Add a soy or sheep yogurt, and you’ll be fine until dinner.






In your smallest saucepan, heat a bit of water (1/4 cup). When the water boils, lower the heat then add the cardamoms previously crushed with the flat of a knife, and the cloves. Infuse the time to prepare the rest of the recipe (5 minutes minimum) on low heat.


-“Blah Blah… I don’t have a small saucepan!”: Nothing could be simpler, just put more water in the pan, adding more cardamom and cloves, remaining in the proportions of the recipe. Then your choice: either you make this recipe with more apples, or you keep the remaining infused water to immerse green tea in it and make yourself a good tea to accompany this very nice recipe. You’re welcome.


Note: If you want to make the recipe with more apples, in terms of the amount of water, I advise you to decrease by 2 TSP per added apple: 1/4 cup of water (60 ml) for one apple, 1/2 cup minus 2 TSP (110 ml) for two apples, 3/4 cup minus 4 TSP (160 ml) for three, etc. And in 15 apples, you’ll be a real little Newton, lol.


Wash the apple, divide it in two to remove the seeds, the bottom and the head, then cut it into small pieces. Place the pieces in the bowl of your blender and without forgetting to put the blade before (“Oh shit!” … I know, ed), add a few drops of lemon (3 or 4 are enough) and the pinches of cinnamon and vanilla.


Turn off the heat under the saucepan and pour the 1/4 cup of infused water using a sieve or tea strainer over the apples in the blender (so as not to add the cardamoms and cloves), and start the blender at maximum power for a few seconds, so that there are no more pieces of apple. You can store this raw applesauce in the refrigerator for 24 hours.


Note: If you like applesauce with some chunks, I recommend that you keep aside a few mini pieces of apples cut by yourself to add them later in your compote thus obtained. Indeed, you will not be able to obtain the same effect as cooked applesauce, since it is raw. Do you follow me? I think you do.






In your prettiest porcelain bowl, place a few spoons of this sumptuous raw applesauce. Raw, but “Caliente”, thanks to the spices. If you eat it right away, it will even be lukewarm thanks to the infused water. So plan to serve it straight away if you have guests.


For the gourmets: it is possible to add a few pieces of nuts and/or a few dark chocolate chips for a decadent dessert, and/or to add a soy or sheep yogurt for a balanced snack that keeps the belly in peace for hours.






This is how, with the old end-of-season apples, we make a great dessert or a great snack. In all simplicity, and with a maximum of vitamins.


It only remains for me to wish you a “Bon appétit”!
XO 🍎





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