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“When you’re healthy, it’s okay to be sick.”

Francis Blanche.






Hello, young padawan


The birds are singing, the bumblebees are buzzing and the ducks are ducking, hey, it smells of spring. Your faithful servant, like a robin ready for the parade, has already brought out the pots of pansies and daffodils, pruned the rose bushes, and cleared the strawberries. With the sun that we have, I will have my first strawberries in three weeks maximum. We do not care? Well, between today and next Thursday I would have taken ten years, so allow me to play it a little like a grandma. That said, my strawberries (and my neighbors) have been listening to Black Sabbath for four weeks now, so if yours is having a hard time, and I’m talking about strawberries, you know what you have to do, volume max (and it was a joke, I am a well-behaved metalhead, ed).


March is therefore my birthday month and it is also spring month. For these reasons and for the past ten years or so, I’ve been doing a little reset, usually the first week of March, just to do some kind of spring cleaning, but from the inside. I do the same ritual at each change of season, namely four times a year, and that is really great.


Today we are on day 4 of my apple mono-diet, the day when I slowly resume foods other than apples. But what a mono-diet is? If you’re wondering, it’s because you haven’t read my article on liver detox here.


Don’t move, here is a little rundown.





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What is the apple mono-diet?

No, liver detox is not trendy bullshit. Like I said in my article on the liver, it’s one of the only organs that you can really detoxify. So why don’t you take a few days a year to take care of it, knowing our modern lives at such an anarchic and stressful pace?


I told myself that it would be a good idea to tell you about it since I’m just coming out of it, to take the opportunity to remind you of this article on the liver from two years ago and to respond in public to questions that have been put to me in private for the benefit of everyone.




Note: I am just going back to the small “mono-diet” paragraph of my article on the liver to provide some details and some answers to your questions asked here and there about it:




A mono-diet of organic apples (or without pesticides, like the ones from granny’s garden, what) is 3 days of apples, then 3 days vegan. That is to say that during the first 3 days, you will eat only apples instead of your meals and drink thyme herbal tea and water (see the writings of Erwann Menthéour, former top athlete level, on this subject, as well as the numerous German and Canadian studies which have applauded the effects of fasting, intermittent fasting and mono-dieties on health) – Nothing more, nothing less.

(I take this opportunity to spread the word about the fact that we are here between responsible adults, that we obviously take advice from our attending physician and that we listen to our body as a responsible adult, that we all are here, ed.)


It is about eating raw apples, with the skin, because they are organic. Yes, you have the right to cut them with a knife (I promise you that I will be asked these questions sometimes – I already dread those on magnesium sulfate. What? Wait, you’ll see, ed). And no, no coffee, you’re kidding me? we’re talking about 3 days.



Day 1, between 1 and 4 apples for 3 to 4 meals, depending on what you want, can, your habits and your mindset. Minimum 2L (70 fl oz) of thyme tea, to drink throughout the day. Your herbal tea, you make it more or less strong, depending on what you want, can … as usual. Water at will, like herbal tea.



On the morning of day 2, on an empty stomach, it is recommended (but not required) to mix one sachet of magnesium sulfate in a liter (35 fl oz) of water and to drink it slowly. You can mix it just with water if you are a cowboy, or add a little fruit juice to deal with the taste if you haven’t done Vietnam, it’s between you and your ego.

You can eat your apples an hour after that.

If you decide to do this little liver and bowel cleansing ritual on Day 2, I recommend that you do not plan anything else in your day other than to stay cushy at home, quiet. Why? Well, magnesium sulfate, it’s a cleanse, let’s say that it’s like a little poo gastroenteritis, but what you wanted. In short: you’re going to pee through the other hole, lol. Capiche? I think so (and stupid question, but I’m going to answer it anyway, just in case: no, it doesn’t hurt at all, of course, ed).


What’s the point? Well, it’s very simple, it’s going to clean everything up nicely from inside so that at the end of day 3, I’ll spoil you, you’ll poop applesauce. lol.
More seriously, even if I do not guarantee that it is possible on this blog at that point, it will clean the corners of your intestine that may contain putrefactions (if you eat animal proteins or process food for example, and create long-term health concerns that I’m not going to list here, I already talked about liquid shit, so do your own research, lol. Concerns, we said.)



Day 3, apples, thyme tea, water, nothing new.



On the morning of the 4th day, resume a light diet – gluten-free, animal protein-free, based on fruits, vegetables, a little rice, oilseeds and healthy oils (such as rapeseed, olive, etc.) in small quantities, during the 3 following days.



From the 7th day, you can reintroduce gluten, legumes, or animal proteins for those who eat them.





Other questions that have been asked of me over the past two years

Drugs, should we stop them or not? Do you have a brain? You have the answer.


What about food supplements? As you wish. Personally, I stop everything during the first 3 days of 100% apples, then I resume them in the morning of the 4th day. But you do well as you want, my dear Padawan.


Why not a diet of peaches, bananas, or Reese? Out of this blog, lol.

The apple is the liver’s best friend, moreover, it is one of the most effective fruits, because the pectins and other components of the apple are effectively involved in the elimination of toxins found in the digestive system. This task facilitates the work of cleaning the liver, according to my article on the liver. Otherwise, you can choose raw fennel. “Bon appétit” and above all: “good luck” (Please watch the movie “Taken” if you don’t see the reference, lol, ed). More seriously, the apple has a rate of sugars, a density, a rate of fibers that are very interesting for this mono-diet. Some people do it with pineapple, but the sugar level is much higher and makes the pancreas work a little too much when the goal is precisely to put the body in relative rest.


-If you tend to have little unpleasant ENT secretions (like perpetual sinusitis or like, please, don’t ask me to draw you a picture, ed), this often means an acidified and inflamed ground, and therefore a liver that is also struggling. A mono-diet can help the machine to get back on its feet and your body to basify itself.


-A beautiful skin. If you’re looking for a radiant complexion and plump skin, look no further. Welcome to “Appleland” and give me your feedback. And I’m happy to finish on a little more glamorous touch, because we have had a curious experience on this article, lol.




My feelings

-After a mono-diet like this, I find humongous energy. Indeed, we rarely realize all the energy our body needs to digest, except when we have had a big meal and we are all tired afterward.


-For people attentive to their physique: an apple mono-diet at each change of season makes it possible to keep a belly as flat as some people think the Earth is, to say if it is flat.


-For people mindful of their mood: as explained in my article here, the gut is your second brain. If you help it, it will help you, and therefore you will be more joyful.

Depression and your diet have a lot more to do than you think and the best way is to try some change, you don’t even have to go on a mono-diet, just follow this basic principle: if you want to be alive, eat alive. So no, please leave the neighbor’s dog in peace and your son’s goldfish alone, I’m obviously talking about living food, the one that brings you health: organic fruits and vegetables (or from your garden), seasonal, and the least cooked possible (to keep the vitamins). A quick tour here to learn more about the link between your diet, your mood, and your friend the intestine who wants you good; and there to learn more about the anti-inflammatory diet.







Here we are, we are done with the details that I can provide following the various questions I received. To give you an idea on “what to eat” at the exit of this mono-diet, for example, you can click on “EAT” then “Recipes index” on the blog info bar, you will thus access all the recipes depending on the month of publication, knowing that your faithful servant publishes “in season”.

Note: Often, I am told that I make “vegan” recipes on my blog, in fact, know that those are only recipes simply based on an anti-inflammatory diet (see my article here to know a bit more info, ed).


If you were wondering what you could do to help your body prepare for the beautiful spring season, you have the answer.



XO 🍎





Lil’reminder: Know that you can ask your questions directly as a comment on the blog in the tab at the bottom of each article, to be able to share it with everyone: You choose your nickname, this is therefore completely anonymous, and know that only your faithful servant can see your e-mail address. I’m telling you this because I often see interesting questions scrolling through my email, not that I don’t take pleasure in answering them, but your experience, your feedback, and your questions could benefit everyone here. As I often say: two brains are better than one!






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