La vie en rose (well, life in pink!)







“Let your light shine so intensely, that others will find their way out of the darkness”.
Magali Walter.







Hello, young Padawan



By reading this article, you will probably wonder if I did not join the sect of the guys who smoke illegal things and see unicorns at the corner of every street. Well no, neither sect nor weed, I bought this lamp first of all because there was a lack of light in my living room, so let’s do a little story, just the once will not hurt.


Like everyone else, I have always had ceiling lights, chandeliers, and everything else, except that I never turn them on, because my eyes hate anything that is aggressive (and not just my eyes, ed). So I placed light garlands and other lampshades, here and there, at different strategic points of my living room, so that a relaxing atmosphere ensues, as little light as possible while ensuring visual comfort for reading, for example.


And so, since I was missing a point of light near my sofa, I went to a shop I like (It’s like Urban Outfitters but just for decoration, in France. It is called “Nature et découvertes”, ed) a few months ago to see if I could find a dim light lamp or a cute light garland as they often sell. I then came across a charming saleswoman in a “full moon, dreadlocks and rainbow itchy wool sweater” mode. She was very pleasant and above all very convincing. And here I am, left delighted, with under my arm,… a Himalayan salt crystal lamp.


Well, I hope I made you laugh on this one, I admit having laughed at myself too, and with a good heart. This is everything except Cartesian, of course, but listen, the lady lit it for me and I loved the light. A soft and slightly pinky-orange color; so when in addition she told me that it could cure a blister on the foot on full moon nights (second degree, that’s a joke, ed), I told myself that after all, I loved the light, that it was not expensive, and that if on a misunderstanding it could help me on days when I wear my Dr. Marteens a little too long, why not!


This is what motivated me to write you this little article here, and if you too like the pretty light it provides, on a misunderstanding … It can work! (the lamp, and the miracles, lol).





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A Himalayan salt lamp, what is it?

It’s a basic lamp system like you were able to achieve in 8th-grade class. Wire, switch, base, socket, bulb, and “rock and roll”; except that a hollowed-out salt block is placed on the bulb as a shade. My intuition tells me that they must break a lot of those salt blocks when digging them because it is quite crumbly.


The pink salt block warms slightly when the lamp is on to diffuse negative ions and a thousand other benefits. Regarding the price, I paid mine at around 30 euros.


Watch out for counterfeits.


The full-moon-lady at the store told me that there were lots of fake salt lamps made of resin, or rock salt, and that very often, if people do not see the benefits, it is because it is a fake. She, therefore, recommended that I pay attention to internet sales, in particular.


How do you know if it’s a real salt lamp? She gave me three tips:


-It is a very crumbly material, so if there is not a little powder or mini pieces of salt in the bottom of the packing carton, it is not a good start.


-The light should be really subdued and in a nice pinky-orange color. If you’re not on a Scottish salmon but on a pale pink light, you’ve been ripped off. There are, however, almost white Himalayan salt lamps, the light is giving a real nice subdued shade but those are worth a higher price. The double to the triple of a classic pink-orange lamp.


-If on a rainy day, for example, your room turns out to be a little damp and your lamp does not ooze, even a little, it is not a real one.





IMG 9683 - La vie en rose (well, life in pink!)





The benefits of the Beatnik lamp

If you’ve made it this far, you can guess that there will be, as always here, a little (a lot) of second-degree jokes, but before everything, science or not, placebo or not, if you like it, if it gives you benefit, that’s great, I am happy for you, and don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section about it.


Here are the different benefits that we presume from the Himalayan salt lamp, I would tell you in each paragraph if I noticed anything – like a magical full moon, a werewolf that barks less loudly, or a blister that turns into gold coins (notice to Dr. Marteens wearers, I see your hope, but do not cross your fingers too hard you are going to make yourself a blister here too, lol, oh that’s okay eh, I love them too. The Dr. Marteens, not the blisters, lol, ed).



1/ It would clean the air of the room.

By eliminating dust, smoke, pollen, and other pollutants like mold from the air. Salt helps reduce the humidity in the air too and releases negative ions. People prone to asthma and allergies would thus be less bothered, would have less irritation in the throat and less cough.

As I don’t have any allergies or respiratory concerns, I have no feedback on this.



2/ It would increase the energy level thanks to its negative ions.

This would reduce stress and improve sleep through a healthier atmosphere that is more conducive to restful sleep. It would also increase the immune system. Well in doubt, in winter, I am still with my vitamin D, C, B12, and zinc, see my article here.


Your faithful servant almost always having energy and sleeping like a baby, I cannot note anything convincing about the lamp, … but what if the legendary power of your faithful servant would perhaps come from there? (kidding, ed).

3/ It would reduce static electricity in the air and electromagnetic radiation.

Anyways, I noticed a funny thing. When it’s cold and dry in winter, I often have electric hair. Since I’ve had this lamp (it’s my second winter with it, ed), every time I turned it on at night, I haven’t had electric hair. At all.


The Himalayan salt lamp would also reduce electromagnetic radiation from objects such as cell phones, televisions, computers, and tablets. For that, I don’t have a device to measure it so I can only shrug my shoulders and tell myself that on a misunderstanding … it can work.



4/ It promotes and improves meditation

Well, let’s say that to meditate well (that is to say clear your head and think of nothing for a few seconds, minutes, or hours – for the neophytes, ed), you need a soft and propitious atmosphere, for that, yes, I validate. The light is very pleasant because the bulb is filtered by the salt lamp. This lamp provides a relaxing and very pleasant atmosphere, indeed.








This is what I can tell you about this lamp.


In summary, I have a nice light in my living room and I no longer have electric hair in winter. It’s already great. For the rest, I leave you to your own observations, beliefs, and possible effects on your own self.


XO 🌜





Ps: And no, it doesn’t cure Dr. Marteens blisters, lol.



IMG 9691 scaled - La vie en rose (well, life in pink!)

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