You can count on it to be healthy and beautiful.





“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

Leonardo da Vinci.





Hello, young Padawan



The subject of today’s article is a major and vital component of our organism. Because if we can do without eating for several weeks, stop drinking for a few days is more complicated.


H2O is the raw form of water, a molecule of hydrogen, two molecules of oxygen. Water is ubiquitous on Earth and exists in solid, liquid or gaseous form. Air and water are our most precious assets, yet they have become the most fragile today.


Water makes up about 65% of our human bodies and 70% of our home, Earth, a.k.a “The Blue Planet”. It is essential to our survival, our balance, not to smell the pony in heat, and the growth of our food. Indeed, how to grow any fruit or vegetable without water?


Even if there is much to say about geopolitics and ecology, we are going to be interested here in the benefits of water on our bodies. Let’s go.





Water and your health

Water is good for your kidneys. Indeed, you would have suspected this one, everyone knows it. But there is more, so much more …


It is an excellent solvent. It can dilute many substances, and it also allows you to get rid of ingested toxins.


Water regulates body temperature. Whether you’re sweating or not, whether you’re doing a physical activity or not, whether it’s hot or cold, it’s important to drink to help your body maintain proper body temperature.


Optimal hydration allows you to have more energy and to be better oxygenated. Indeed, water helps to transport oxygen in the blood, so there is more oxygen in the blood when we are well hydrated, logical — notice to athletes fond of performance.


One of the recurring causes of fatigue, deconcentration, and headaches during the day is a lack of hydration. Think of putting a small gourd of fresh water in the schoolbag of our schoolchildren (or of our lovely spouses who work! ed.)





water and your skin

Hum, you recognize me there, a little beauty chapter right in a health article. Indeed, drinking water is excellent for your skin, so, cheers!


Water contributes to healthy, radiant, healthier and younger skin.


Well-hydrated skin is also softer and firmer. Antinomy, you will tell me, no I will answer you, explaining to you that softness is what prevents wrinkles, and firmness is what prevents that everything falls down.


Now, you understood why water is essential to your skin, you hastily hunt for a large glass of water to keep your sexy attitude as long as possible. Be my guest.





How to know if we are dehydrated?

The recommended daily fluid amount of half a gallon is for a healthy adult person with a normal weight. For example, a person who is overweight and in good health will have to drink more. If you have any pathology, it is important to find out from your doctor because you may have different needs. In general, you should try to drink everyday between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, but I think that the amount of liquid a day is the one that suits you when you feel at your best form. Indeed, we are all different. If your urine is clear, does not smell strong, your skin is healthy and you are in great form all day, there is no reason to change your habits, especially if you’re doing a lot of activities, you probably need more than that.


This recommended amount of water per day includes food. That is to say that your half a gallon of water is calculated with the fruits, vegetables, and soups you eat during the day.


And finally, if you are thirsty, it is because you have already lost 1% of the amount of water that is in your body.







In conclusion, even if you can’t live with only love and freshwater, without these two essentials you would not be the same person, my dear Padawan.



And as said the singer of the French metal band “Mass Hysteria”, Mouss Kelai, on their album “Black Matter” of 2015:

« Everything is poison, poison is the dose. »
Mass Hysteria.




Xo 💧



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A glass of water, somewhere on the Earth…

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