Crazy Tofu! (mini-stewed tofu with Indian spices)




“Hunger is the best of seasonings: it costs nothing and makes all dishes enjoyable”.








Hello, young padawan



The days are getting shorter; the temperatures are going down, that’s a good excuse to cook a little!


Here is an easy recipe, accessible to everyone (it is vegan and gluten-free).







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mini-stewed tofu with Indian spices

For 2 servings



-2 tablespoons of olive oil
-1 big red pepper
-2 shallots minced finely
-100g of whole rice (or 3 rice as in the picture)
-2 beautiful carrots cut in slices
-1 small clove of garlic crushed with a garlic press
-1 teaspoon of: turmeric, cumin, paprika, coriander
-2 teaspoons of curry
-1 teaspoon of organic vegetable broth powder (or 1 cube)
-A pinch of pepper
-Add water 2 times and half the volume of rice.
-1 block of smoked tofu cut in dice





Place everything in a simmer or casserole except the tofu. Cook all this at 250°F for 10 min, then add the dices of smoked tofu and cook again between 10-15min, depending if the rice is cooked or not.


16864908 10211651368660947 4493393384907401736 n 300x225 - Crazy Tofu! (mini-stewed tofu with Indian spices)


At the end of the cooking serve and sprinkle generously with fresh parsley.
Enjoy your meal!





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