A little tour of Corktown.






“Detroit is a city that works hard, gets tired, gets dirty, gets defeated, and picks itself up every day and keeps going with a tenacity that amazes anyone who is paying attention.”
Aaron Foley.







Hello, young Padawan



A new chapter in our series discovering the city of Detroit is the Corktown district. One of my favorite neighborhoods, it is where you can find the best Italian restaurant in the city. If you come to Detroit, send me a private message on Instagram, and maybe I’ll give you the address. I said maybe!


Rather young and trendy, there are bars, brasseries, or small concert halls, all in an industrial style. There is also a beautiful decoration store that mixes vintage and new, thrift stores, a tattoo parlor in an old school (or traditional American) style, a second-hand record store, a barber, and many other original shops. Here, there are no big, tasteless chains, neither in the restaurants (or almost) on offer nor in the shops, and it’s an absolute pleasure, a breath of fresh air in this world that suffers so much from formatting, standardization, and conformism. As I tell locals, Corktown is a bit like my own Camden for those who know London.


Yet, the true beauty of Corktown lies in its history and architecture. Discover street art, industrial, retro, pretty, or funny buildings, and, in season, the enchanting sight of snow. But the crown jewel is the immense historic Beaux-Arts-style building, the former Detroit train station, the Michigan Central Station. This architectural marvel is a testament to the area’s rich past and hopeful future, as it is newly reopened to the public…


Let’s go.





Welcome to Corktown

Created in 1834, this very friendly neighborhood is located west of Detroit’s city center. Situated between housing estates, the business district, and the city center, it is well-connected for everyone, including those living in the suburbs, as several expressways surround it.


At the heart of Corktown lies Michigan Avenue, a vibrant thoroughfare that serves as the neighborhood’s pulsating artery. This big yellow line on the map, stretching from east to west, is where the majority of businesses are concentrated. However, for the intrepid explorers, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered beyond the main route.


Together, we’ve already uncovered some of Corktown’s treasures, such as the lively Greektown district, the scenic Dequindre cut (I and II), and the vibrant stadium district with Comerica Park. But the adventure doesn’t end there. There are still many more places to explore and experiences to be had in this dynamic neighborhood.





IMG 9082 - A little tour of Corktown.




And now, time for the visit!

Corktown, with a little height (view of Michigan Aveune and Michigan Central Station, from MGM Grand Detroit – see map):


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Michigan Avenue.


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The little Irish corner, very good beers here.


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The aesthetic of the street lamps, a funny street name for a French speaker, a large renovated brick building ready to accommodate a new activity and a sticker bazaar.


3EC93FEA 545E 47EB 96CE 701BFCD91B18 - A little tour of Corktown.



Street art on the walls of restaurant and business parking lots…


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Very pretty shops, inside and out, here in Christmas mode, with its decorations or its snow.


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Garlanded restaurant-terrace, with its metal canister tree.


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IMG 5631 - A little tour of Corktown.






And for something truly beautiful, here is the Michigan Central Station up close. This former station was dedicated to transporting goods and people. It was closed for 36 years and reopened to the public last month. Here is a picture of it before its renovation.


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And here it is today, which has become a center of innovation and the arts:


detroit - A little tour of Corktown.

Photocredit : Michigan Central.





And that concludes our little tour of Corktown. I hope you enjoyed it and that it has piqued your interest to explore further. I always aim to provide a glimpse without giving away too much, so that you can also make exciting discoveries when you visit.


Have a great weekend, and see you next Friday for new adventures!


XO 💋






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View of the Corktown district. Its end is at the Ambassador Bridge, the large bridge at the bottom. Opposite, on the other bank, on the left, is Canada.








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