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Hello, young Padawan,


Before we put on scarves and umbrellas again, we had a few days so hot that even putting on a panty seemed superfluous. So I told myself that I was going to offer you my quick champion’s salad recipe, for the sportsmen or active people who need some freshness and protein … or mental strength in front of their Netflix series when their favorite character gets shot.


No, I do not spoil you; I do not even have Netflix! You were scared, huh?


Today we’re going to focus on protein because it’s apparently a big worry for humans beings, from all diets and all kinds of hairstyle, and I’m wondering why (not about hair but proteins, try to follow me a little, ed).





What are the protein requirements?


“Nutritional References for Population (NRP) for protein may vary by age or physical activity:

0.8 g per kg of body weight per day for adults,
0.9 g for children over two years old and for seniors,
1g for young children and pregnant women
1.2 g for athletes.
Body weight is the weight of form: for example, obesity does not increase protein requirements.”
(Source: reference established by the WHO)


Indeed, we talk a lot about proteins, especially when you become vegan or vegetarian, but in fact, it is almost impossible to develop a protein deficiency. You have to live in a country in famine and being in undernutrition or seriously ill to develop a protein deficiency because they are everywhere. In fruits, in oilseeds, in vegetables, in legumes, in cereals … everywhere.


“These benchmarks, established by the WHO and other national agencies such as ANSES, are far outnumbered in Western countries: omnivores consume on average 170% of NRPs, while vegans and vegetarians consume 130% and 120% (Young and Pellett, 1994, AFSSA, 2007)

Except in unusual cases, it is not necessary to worry about the “quality” and amino acid composition of the proteins we consume. The diversity of sources and the quantity are amply enough. “(ANSES, 2017)


Of course, some sources are more interesting than others, and if you are an athlete who wants to gain muscle mass, you must know your macros and be aware of what you eat. There are more and more specialized nutritionists in vegan and vegetarian nutrition. I think it is imperative to consult them if you are a professional or quasi-professional athlete.


Do not make me say what I did not say, we are talking here of natural bodies just trying to maintain good health, eventually gain a little muscle to accompany themselves on the path of life, in good health, as long as possible, in good health (Yep, I already said that lol, ed). If you’re looking to become like Schwarzenegger in the ’80s, it’s going to take you a little more than a rice salad with chickpeas. A little more, if you know what I mean.


For the average vegan human citizen not exceeding five sports sessions per week, with a little documentation, it is easy to eat a sufficient dose of protein, provided to diversify its contributions. For others, it’s a piece of cake.


The sedentary guy has a lower protein requirement that it is almost impossible not to fulfill daily, unless a really anarchic diet.


I’m not here to give you dietary advice on this blog but to give you information. I will nevertheless make a twist to my editorial rule to give you a little tip: As in journalism, if I were you, I would vary my sources, whatever my diet or activity. A word to the wise.


Indeed, your food should be as varied as possible so your body can take the best of all that you can offer to it. Except for turmeric, you can go crazy … What, am I turmeric maniac? Do you think ?! Is it serious ??! 😂


IMG 5910 - A protein deficiency? If you say so...

Your faithful servant had a heavy hand on turmeric (again)…




Protein rice salad

For 3 servings

1 cup of Thai rice (or the rice of your choice)
1/2 cup of dry chickpeas to soak the day before in a large volume of water (8h minimum)
1/2 cup of walnuts
1 bell pepper
2 beautiful tomatoes
1/3 of cucumber
1/2 bunch of parsley
1/2 can of pitted green or black olives
Salt, and pepper from Madagascar


For the sauce :
1 tbsp of cider vinegar
2 tbsp of rapeseed oil
2 tbsp of water
1 tsp of mustard
1 tsp of turmeric powder
Salt, and pepper from Madagascar





The day before, soak the chickpeas in clear water and, change the water at least once.


Cook the rice for the time indicated for an al dente cooking in a large volume of boiling water. Drain, fill the pan previously used with cold water and put the ass of the colander in to cool the rice (no joke, ed).


Put the chickpeas in a steamer and cook for five minutes. They must remain Al-dente, very crunchy; we have teeth, we use them. Put them to cool with the rice.


Using a cutting board and a good kitchen knife (watch your fingers), cut the piece of cucumber lengthwise and then into thin slices (but not too thin) to obtain semicircles #geometry.


Cut the peppers into small cubes, and the tomatoes into a little bigger chunks. Finely mince the parsley and crush the nuts very roughly (If you prefer to have large pieces of nuts, just pay attention that everyone has some on their plate, so as not to trigger a WWIII).


Pour everything into a salad bowl, add salt and pepper, and mix gently. Set in the refrigerator.


For the sauce, nothing is easier: pour all the ingredients into a bowl, then, using a small whisk or a fork, mix energetically for a few seconds.





In your most beautiful bowl or soup plate, arrange a few spoonfuls of this divine rice salad in the center with love, glory and … dexterity.


Pour a few zigzags of sauce with a tablespoon, like when you were little and having fun peeing in the snow #poetry.


It is important not to pour the sauce until the last moment so as not to cook the vegetables because of the vinegar. Thus, the salad can be kept covered for 48 hours in the refrigerator, as for the sauce, it can be stored for five days, also in the fridge.





And here is a nice rice salad without too much rice, which will bring you all the proteins that your little body needs to do all kinds of activities … that I will not list here because far from me is the intention to put shame on you (I am aware of your summer nudist vacation time, yes, yes. No, I am not going too!!).




XO 🌱




Sources :
Protein and amino acid requirements in human nutrition – WHO


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