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Hello, young Padawan



You have already heard me talk about it on this blog, the demineralization of the body is a real subject. Almost everyone is affected by it.


That is why it is essential to look after our vehicle if we want it to drive us, far perhaps but above all, to our destination in good conditions. Because I do not know what you think, but I do not wish to become old, I wish rather stay young and in good health as long as possible. Trust me; metal shows are physical. What? No, I thought I heard a sneer at the back of the room. Everyone has their music style, dear Padawan. And I know you danced to Prince’s music when you were little. Naked. Don’t worry, no one is judging you here. Yes, I know everything.


Anyway, let’s go back to the main subject, ’cause it’s time to take care of our little red Corvette.




Acidosis, the disease of the century

Here is the foundation: The majority of chronic diseases develop on an acidic body. Acidosis occurs in people whose body has difficulty in effectively eliminating the acid waste produced by the body or has too much accumulation of these acids.


An acid body is concretely when your body cannot get out its trash.


Indeed, the body has emunctory to evacuate its waste such as the liver, the intestines, the skin, the lungs, the pancreas, and the kidneys. When our lifestyle does not correspond to what nature has programmed for us (a.k.a running naked in the woods, ed), the body can no longer evacuate waste, and acidosis begins.


But that’s not all. To be able to support this rise of acid, the body pumps in its own minerals to readjust its balance. So, while not seeing any symptoms (or so little …), we demineralize, until the day when there is no return.


So let’s see the solutions, because yes there are plenty!




Improve your daily lifestyle

– Eat much more fruits and especially here vegetables, and much less processed and/or acidifying products (dairy products, too many meat products, too much sugar …). In summary: adopt an anti-inflammatory diet.


– Doing a daily physical activity and some sports sessions are enough to help your body take out its trash.


– Stop stressing for bullshit. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Stop making a whole everything of the little downs of your daily life. Relativize, breathe, empty your head by doing an activity that really helps you (for example replace your evening television routine by a nice book or a piano session, drawing, knitting… You’ll see the change in just a week).


– By having a more positive spirit daily, for that we have five pages of articles on this subject now on the blog under the heading “well-being,” but if you are a new Padawan here, I would advise you this one.


– Sleep more and better. Easy to say? False. And you Know it. Rare are the really real insomniacs. Before rolling your eyes and moaning at the fact that you are different, check these five points, if you check all these criteria and your sleep quality is still weak, why not see a doctor for a blood test for example? But before, here are the five capital sins of poor quality sleep:

1 / Screens. Smartphone, TV, computers, tablets, and I even add in the “screens”: too intense lights in your house from 9 pm, and the internet box too close to your couch or worse, to your bed (omg!).
2 / A diet that is too rich in processed foods or drinks other than water (sweetened drinks/alcohol), and not rich enough in organic fresh fruits and vegetables (and water).
3 / Not enough physical activity (if your body is not tired it will not sleep, it’s mathematical)
4 / Too much stress. Focus on the breathing exercises, yoga, Pilates, or see a good psychologist if it does not work out.
5 / Slow down, read a few pages in a comfortable sofa or bed. It has been proven that reading helps to sleep, but if you think it’s too corny to read, you can also make a little naughty hug your partner, it releases good hormones for sleep.

And as a bonus, of course: Herbal tea. But before 9 pm or otherwise, you will pee all night! I have a preference for linden (the real one, leafy and organic, not the poor powder-in-bags from the supermarket, ed).




Remineralize the body

By helping your body to restore mineral health, a true one, with more substantial contributions in minerals, of course, but focusing on the assimilation of the body, ie the quality of nutrients rather than quantity.


So, logically: a warning to over food supplements. Indeed, it has been shown that too much is the enemy of good. Nothing beats good vitamins and minerals at the source, at the ass of the organic truck, if you allow me the expression.


By investing in a juicer to make vegetable juices that will bring minerals to your body with unparalleled availability and digestibility. Investing in your body is the most useful gift and especially the smartest you can do to yourself, because, how to go from point A to point B if your vehicle is all rust, I ask you? I can already hear you moaning: “blah blah, it’s not natural, and it’s expensive!”. Should I remind you that a 2019 apple has 100 times fewer nutrients than a 1950’s apple? We are no longer in a natural setting, we must resort to tricks if we want to absorb as many nutrients as our elders. I said “if” anyway, you do what you want, the same for the management of your budget.


For those who are sensitive to this speech, here is a powerful juice that even Hulk would turn three times around his panties without touching the elastic by drinking it…



The remineralization juice

For 2 servings


– A beautiful bunch of celery branch (bushy, well stocked, who has not seen a razor all winter, yes I know everything, ed)
– A big piece of ginger (according to your taste)
– A big piece of turmeric (according to your liking)
– Two apples OR two oranges OR ¼ pineapple … (choose the sweet fruit you want, according to what is still in season and your want)
– Madagascar pepper





Rinse celery stalks, cut into pieces and place into a large bowl.


Prepare the chosen fruit. If it is a citrus fruit, pineapple, or if it is not organic: remove the skin, then cut into quarters and pour into the bowl.


Add ginger, turmeric cut into pieces and make four rounds of pepper mill over the bowl. Then pass the pieces one by one into the juice extractor. Done, bon appetite!


This juice is to be eaten on an empty stomach, slowly, sip by sip. Avoid eating anything after (15-20 min after, time to let the body absorb all these good nutrients). It can be kept 24 hours in the fridge.







This powerful juice is one of the most remineralizing and basifying, thanks to the celery branch and turmeric, but it is also very strong in taste, so you can reduce the amount of celery (and ginger) for the beginning without to exceed the amount of one fruit per juice and per person, you will have just a smaller juice. Example here: juice recipe for two people, so two fruits are used. Why? Because of the sugar. Indeed, our fruits and vegetables do not contain as many nutrients as before, certainly, but still as much sugar. And the goal here is to remineralize, not to load one’s liver. Do you follow me? Of course, you do.


Second warning, when you start strong juice like these, it can be smart to reduce the quantity by two at the beginning. Indeed, a strong and healthy body will feel energized as f** to jump everywhere, while a more tired body … will have diarrhea. Enjoy your meal! Lol.


As with everything else in life, one can not avoid self-knowledge, including one’s own body (article here).


And to know oneself, one must test oneself, experiment, and adopt what fits well with one’s body. At first, you’ll hesitate, but trust me, once we start to know ourselves, we know what makes us better, stronger. It’s really worth it and it’s never a waste of time.



XO 🥒


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The secret juice that gives your faithful servant her fabulous energy!

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