Whoever transits well is not convex.





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When I get up in the morning, I’m always in a good mood. Then, it is possible that some events arrived during the day bring a happy, a sad or a funny note, or … get my nerves to roll for the rest of the day, but that, is rare. It usually happens when I see someone or something in a blatant attempt to cheat a fellow. There I can get mad.


This was the case, one of those beautiful Sunday mornings of late spring. I tell myself that I am going to buy my favorite metal magazine (“Rock Hard magazine,” delightful to read, ed). I jump in my shower and my underwears, one after the other or else it’s a mess, and I go, fresh, chill and clean to my favorite bookseller. I find my magazine, getting ready to go to the checkout, when suddenly …


… my eyes meet a magazine touting the latest fad diet to make you have a flat stomach in two weeks for summer. That’s when I put myself in recovery position, prostrated to the ground, curled up against my innocent metal magazine, visualizing that some people were going to try this shit, sorry we cannot call it otherwise, and hurt their bodies, as I have done for years, as you probably did too, because many of us have starved ourselves in hope to see some superfluous fat disappear. Except that if you have already tried, you know the end of this tragic story: you lose. I mean, you lose that game, but your body earns pounds and you quickly finish sitting on a second pair of ass.


That’s why today, on this blog, we will talk about this topic written by “Brenda, editor of Biiitchy Magazine”: “Your flat stomach for this summer by eating three tomatoes a week”; guaranteed yo-yo effect for September or refunded.


I’m going to offer you in this article some lasting solutions to help you reduce your waistline because it is certainly a direct indicator of the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but even if it was not the case, I prefer that you have real keys if you want to “improve your physique” rather than doing rubbish with Brenda’s diet.


If I can prevent some people from doing badly and going as far as I could go, I would have done my part (if I do not survive at my Slayer concert next Wednesday, you can write this sentence as my epitaph, ed).





There is no harm in accepting oneself as one is, just as there is no harm in wanting to work on one’s physique. Everyone should look after their own interests, and the world would be better.


Self-acceptance (or not) of things that can be changed (or not) is a personal matter and should not be discussed by the others.
You should never have an opinion on someone else’s body for the simple reason that: This person is not you. This is not your business. Your life, your opinions, your thoughts, your culture, and your beliefs belong to you and you have no right to force them on others. QED.


Sometimes a round belly can be a complex for some of us. Now, what is sadder in life than not being able to accept oneself, even while working psychologically on oneself?
When it comes to an unchangeable natural complex like a nose, a chin, it’s more complicated, but when it comes to a manifestation due to inappropriate habits, aka overweight, there you can help yourself if you wish and change your habits to adopt new ones, improve your health and, consequently, your physique.


However, it is not a question of forcing one’s natural for a few weeks to wear a bikini elegantly. A body takes weeks to appropriate it’s new habits, months for real results and I do not even talk about your brain’s obsessive thoughts which are in ice-cream mode each afternoon, and that you will have to re-educate for the rest of your life.


I once heard a coach say: “If it were easy to be in shape, it would be known, everyone would be.” He was not wrong. To decide to improve one’s body request commitment, either if it is to make it more functional or closer to your taste. But once again on this blog, the aesthetic aspect is only a random joke, since we will talk about health first of all, and therefore of functional body.


Being in good health today requires commitment (see article here), and to love oneself, to accept oneself, is the first step to well-being, or change.




Have a healthy diet, not just 3 weeks before the beach.

It’s almost summer, shells and sand, except that yesterday you put on your glitter Speedo, and it looked puffy but not where you wanted it to be. I mean especially at the belly (beer, or not, ed) … and then I felt that you were going to make a stupid thing, whether your Speedo problem is overweight or not.


Regarding overweight, articles on magazines bloom at this time of the year to boast the latest fad diet, sorry, the “food rebalancing” (oh! this beautiful synonym that gives good conscience but means the same: deprivation, to end up resuming bad old habits after it). Because if you are overweight, your hormones have already taken over (see article here), and the more you deprive yourself, the more your hormones will make you pay. While it would be so much less painful to adopt new habits by working on the real reasons: why do we eat (articles here and here). Do you like yo-yo effect, or would you rather be in peace once and for all?


Regarding the belly complex without overweight, you might also be tempted by the fad diet to make you have a tummy as flat as the profile of a sheet of paper, except that, if you do not have a good intestinal transit, sorry but you’ll never have a flat belly, even if you’re slim and athletic. Period. Restricting is not going to help you either; on the contrary, you would risk a hormonal disorder. And that’s everything but a good idea.


A flat stomach is like for abs: 80% of the work is done in the kitchen (and, therefore, in the restroom. Good appetite, ed).


Indeed, to have a flat stomach, a good intestinal transit is essential. It is therefore necessary that your intestines are not inflated, abused, inflamed. For that, choosing to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet (article here) witch take care of your intestines is the most logical solution. And there you have every chance on your side for a flat stomach and a good health. Double shot.




body posture is not only useful for selfies

It’s good for your back, your lungs, your heart, your intestines and … your belly.


The more you maintain a proper posture, back straight in line, abs contracted, as proud as a peacock who makes the wheel throughout your day and no matter what your position: standing, sitting, lying (you do what you want on your day, ed), the more your body will thank you, and your belly will be flat.


Being slouched or having a round back is not natural for your body that badly supports this situation in the long run.
If you’re not used to it, at first, it will seem a little complicated to sit up straight on your chair at work and contract your abs, but after a few days, this new routine will be in your body’s habit. If you want to help yourself, you can also sit a few hours a day on a Pilates balloon at your size (knee at right angles when you sit on it). Weeks after weeks, your belly will be flatter, better maintained, your back will be more comfortable, your lungs and your heart will also be happier.


Try it at home, observe the quality of your breathing when you are straight, and look what happens when you are slouching: back straight and abdominal muscles engaged, your breath is long, your breathing slow and comfortable; while rounding your back and relaxed muscles, your breathing is shorter, more jerky, less obvious. There is no comparison, and it is the same for your heart that prefers you to take a proud posture, rather than slouching as if you were punished.


Finally, know that your digestion will be much better and that your belly, this way, will be flatter. Free, zero effort, you can even do it in front of Netflix. You are welcome.




Physical exercise

Do not confuse a lean belly with a flat stomach. A lean belly belongs to someone with very little body fat. Example: You can see bodybuilders with just the skin on top of the muscles, but who have a little round belly. This is a lean belly (but round). This may be a transit concern due to protein abuse, but not only.


If you want to lower your body fat without a restricting diet (or food rebalancing blah blah), it makes more sense to increase your basal metabolism. What is it? The basal or basic metabolism is the number of calories you burn on a sedentary day. The goal is to increase the number of calories that your body burns at rest so that you can reduce your body fat.


How? By doing workout and especially polyarticular exercises, with weights corresponding to your level. Example: squat, slots, bench press, deadlift, single arm board with pulley draw, etc. Indeed, it is not the crunches (exercises on abs) specifically that will help you to have a flat stomach.


By doing some HIIT for 15 minutes, three times a week (high-intensity interval training, ed). That’s very good for the heart on the one hand and increases the basic metabolism on the other hand. And it is fast to achieve, in 15 minutes it is done.






Thus ends this article, but I would like to add a little something from an old fighter who would like you not to fall into the trap of the facility of the stupid express diets in magazines:


Fighting against one’s body only brings damage. Working with one’s body makes one grows, blossom, and bring health and serenity. Let’s love ourselves, respect ourselves, take care of ourselves.



Love yourself for god’s sake; life is short.




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Two pals with a little belly, Downtown Detroit, Michigan, USA.

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