A treasure of strength and courage is hidden inside each of us





Hello, young Padawan


I allow myself to disturb you between two palm-tree naps and pineapple drinks for a little deeper article than usual, but if you are relaxed everything will be alright (there is absolutely no other level of reading to see in this sentence, ed), especially since they are for the most part topics that we have already discussed here but just from a slightly different angle.




Is it an ordinary day? Or the day number one, the D day? The first day of the rest of your life?


Then you remember this project you’ve been thinking about since only you know when, but deep down inside, you admit spending long enough time looking through the lock of your realization, and that it’s time to break the door and move your ass. Sorry, to move your behind. It’s more classy.


Well, that day has come; Let’s go.




state of play

Your house is not the only thing that needs an inventory when you buy it or rent it. Your life also deserves to make a regular state of play, just not to be at the end of it with a long list of things to do, and a plethora of regrets.


What about this project that you have in mind for ages and does not move, for fear or lack of courage? (Yes, know that the “lack of time” does not exist on this blog, because we put the time where we decide. You don’t think so? Wait, do not move, I unsubscribe you from Netflix or remove your smartphone for a week and you will see that you have time, lots of it! It was a joke, don’t bit me, ed).


Concretely, if you want to reach a goal it will be necessary to give it a little commitment to achieve it. A frank and unjudgmental look to yourself in a mirror can put your ideas back into place. What do you really want to do with your life? What are your goals? What are your aspirations? (If you answer to vacuum, you leave immediately, ed).




the revelation

Often, it is expected as the messiah. We think that when it arrives, the light will come down from the ceiling to illuminate our head (as in the movies, so cute, ed), that the obvious will hit your chest like the crush you had for Brenda or Brandon when you were in the 5th grade.


But it is not as simple as that. Sometimes we have a beginning of flame, and it falls like a forgotten viagra in the bottom of a nightstand’s drawer. And that’s a false hope that drops your expectations. I’m still talking about the revelation, try to follow, lol.


The triggers that fly to infinity and beyond at the first shot are rare. There is only one Buzz Lightyear, so it’s helpful to know how to help to maintain the shine on your mind. Indeed, if the impulse is followed by a good race, an athlete can win the championship, so why not you?






For that, it is necessary to realize a really simple thing which, when you are aware of it and work on it, change your life for the best.


The human being is a creature of routine and habits.


Yeah that’s not fancy said like that. Farewell James Bond, Indiana Jones and other reckless Heroes, hello to Al Bundy and Homer Simpson. But this is the reality. The novelty scares us, indeed.


However, it is by being aware of this fact that we get around the problem. Thus, a swimmer a little too slow and terrified of being able to measure up against the faster ones again, can work to correct his technique during training sessions and install the exercise in a new routine and then succeed in pulverizing his records.


Same goes for what you want to do with your life, you just have to install a new training routine, so your body will be used to provide this effort that will go from new to routine, and it will seem easy at the end.




Take action effectively

You will understand that to change what you want in your life, so you have to install a new routine — like your grandma Elizabeth, having her little verbena every evening. It’s not sexy but very effective.


Three concrete points to help you in your success:


1/ Don’t start tomorrow, or the worst of the worst: Monday. If you want to change, you have to start immediately. If this article does trigger even a beginning of motivation, a micro-flame, it’s time to decide to start now, to make today the first day of the rest of your life.

It’s 9 pm, and your secret goal is to get back working out? At the end of this article, perform five planks during 30 seconds (or the max of seconds that you can hold the five times), or walk 20 minutes instead of watching TV. So you started tonight. You did it, bravo, and this is just the beginning. You’ll go to bed with a boost of confidence that you can not even imagine, tomorrow is the second day of your health program, you choose the activity you want to do, Let’s go.

It’s 2 am, you want to lose weight, and you come across this article? Take a garbage bag immediately, put all the shits that have nothing to do in your kitchen closet, search on the internet the address of a good nutritionist, have a good night sleep, and this will be the first phone call that you will spend tomorrow morning. So you started tonight. You can be proud of yourself.


2/ Write. Take a notepad, write down your goal and then all the steps to get there. Start with where you are now, the observation, then the different phases of the realization. How much time you give yourself (by remaining reasonable, of course, ed), note all the steps that seem important to you, what scares you, the solutions that you see to avoid the pitfalls, with whom or what you can have information to your questions left unanswered if there is any, etc.
Example: You dream of changing jobs. This is your goal, so you have to list all the steps to achieve it. Maybe you need to do training, for that it maybe will be necessary to ask your HRD, or to look on the net a training in evening course or distance learning…


3/ Don’t tell the others. When I speak of others, I mean all those who are not in your extra-intimate circle. How to know who they are? It’s very easy my young Padawan; they are the ones you would not be ashamed to pee the door wide open. No, I’m kidding (in fact I was very serious, ed). They are those who have never judged you, always encouraged yourself, and for whom you have the same feeling towards them.

That’s what I call personally: the motor circle. That is the people around you who are pulling you up. For all the others: not a word, until the realization of the project is done. Believe me, with this trick your heart and mind will be lighter.


4/ A lil’ obvious bonus. Do not hesitate to surround yourself with professionals who can help you if your goal is medical, sports, or psychological, for example… It will save you a lot of time.






21 days.


This is what the average human brain requires to adopt a new habit, the time needed to start a project and gain confidence in its progress, to glimpse the specter of achieving the goal that you had set.


We are August 9, which means that on August 30 you will be proud of you, proud of your progress, satisfied with having dared to put in place what is important to you, despite the fear that hindered you until then. Proud to have your goal concretely in the line of fire and this so exhilarating sensation to know that you have decided the path of your life.


Your satisfaction, your happiness is priceless, your life is too precious to spoil it to wait for the right moment to decide yourself. Now you know, the right moment is now.


Twenty-one days. Tomorrow you will only have twenty left. The path to success is taken.


Pragmatic greetings.



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Downton Detroit, Michigan, USA. And if you have your motor circle in the Motor City, you’re blessed! 😉✌🏻

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