You can’t go to Mexico this summer? Put it on your plate.






Hello, young Padawan



Hola Qué tal? I am muy bien, thanks!


You have probably understood, today we’re going to revisit the traditional chili in a summer fresh salad.


If there is one processed food that is always in my cupboards in case of lazy days, it is the tomato sauce. I choose it in the “tomato basil’s” basic version, to be able to prepare a quick meal for lazy days and add what I want to cheer up the meal. And it’s rarely pasta. Yeah, I am a rebel of tomato sauce. #gangsta


Because when the weather is hot and beautiful, I do not want to spend 20 000 years in the kitchen, and I have the little intuition that you don’t want it either. The great thing about this recipe is that everything can be prepared in advance, there will be only vegetables to cut quickly at the last minute, and fajitas and beans to warm up for more flavors. What else can we ask?!




Tomato preserves the youth of your skin and cells

As we have seen for the “Gazpachelon” recipe (which is a gazpacho with watermelon. I have a lot of love for puns, and inventing new words, my bad, ed.), red fruits and vegetables have antioxidant properties thanks to the lycopene they contain. Lycopene is a carotenoid (natural pigment ranging from yellow to red, ed.), it contributes to cardiovascular health (heart and blood vessels), protects the skin from UV and plays a role in the prevention of certain cancers, including prostate cancer.


As with all carotenoid pigments, cooking and the presence of fat increase the bioavailability of lycopene. It also stimulates the action of other antioxidants. But on the other hand, the raw tomato is also interesting to preserve its vitamins. Nevermind, let’s do both!




Mexican chili style salad

For 2 servings

1/2 cup of dried red beans (to soak one night)
1 large ripe tomato (or 2 small)
1 small box of corn (1/2 cup)
2 small spring onions
8 basil leaves + 2 for decoration
8 large leaves of salad type oak leaf lettuce
2 maracas. You’re still there?
1 small pot of tomato-basil sauce tomato sauce (about 1 cup)
1 teaspoon of olive oil (if there is none in your tomato sauce)
3 teaspoons of chili spices
Salt, Madagascar pepper


Foodies’ option :
4 fajitas to roll the preparation in.
1 sombrero. Olé. It’s to see if you still here.


The day before: Soak the dried red beans in clear water for at least 8 hours, change the water one to two times if possible.


In a steamer, cook the red beans for 5 to 7 min. They must remain al dente, still crisp. #useyouteeth

The advantage of beans is that we can prepare a larger quantity in advance, and keep them in the fridge for a few days … FYI.


Using a chopping board and a good kitchen knife, thinly slice the onions, cut the tomato into cubes, and finely chop the basil. Pour everything into a large bowl.


Rinse the corn and place it in the large bowl too. Add tomato sauce, olive oil (if there isn’t any in the tomato sauce), chili spices, salt and pepper, still hot cooked red beans, and stir well.


Foodies’ option : Away from the heat, empty the water you used to cook the beans from the steamer, then put the fajitas in the basket for 2 to 3 minutes to heat them. The remaining heat of the empty steamer will be enough (otherwise you can use a microwave, an oven or the hood of your car #joke).





Classic option: In your most beautiful soup plate, arrange the salad leaves on each plate, cut them a bit or not, your choice. Add a few spoons of this magnificent chili salad, a pretty basil leaf for decoration and you’re ready to baila on Mayas country’s wild rhythms, or rather to feast and believe you are on vacation for a moment, that makes always smile.


Foodies’ option : Arrange the salad leaves, chili, and fajitas in bowls on the center of the table, and it’s up to guests to work a little. It is so easy; everyone has just to put the salad leaves and a little chili salad in fajitas, to fold the side towards oneself, roll everything and savor.

With a little practice, you will manage like a real Mexican.







You will even have deserved a lil’ nap in the shade as they do. It’s August, after all. But do not forget your sombrero (And I want a pic!, ed).



Muchas besitos.


IMG 6242 - You can't go to Mexico this summer? Put it on your plate.

“Classic” version of the recipe.

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